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Is a fixed PC or laptop better?

Let’s make things clear right away: portable PCs are a technical compromise, that is, they have been created to cover the need for DESCAPOTABLE portability of computing power and durability. To be even clearer: Of fact, the portable PCs are ALWAYS technically inferior to a fixed PC of equal level and similar cost.

That said we can and must make some considerations that can help you in choosing your next new computer, let’s start from the two fundamentals:

You Should Buy A Portable Pc If You Have The Real Need to take your Computer away with you. In this case, the choice is obliged regardless of any other technical matter.

You Should Buy A Fixed Pc If You Think To Keep The Computer CONSTANTLY at home to collect dust and if you would like a laptop PC because you believe that the desktop is full of wires and difficult to use.

“And all-screen PCs like Macs (also called PC ALL IN ONE)?”

Here are the ones to leave them alone because they have ALL the defects of a laptop pc without the benefit of portability and, for the horned and beaten series, they also cost much more than a PC of the same level.s

Now let’s get a little more specific because there are some very interesting truths to know:

  • Mobile PCs are NOT easier to use

The operating system is always Windows, which between laptop and desktop is identical.

  • Mobile PCs have a much shorter lifespan than fixed

PCs Due to their compact size, mobile PCs tend to break long before fixed PCs.

  • Mobile PC repairs cost at least 40% more

Laptop PC spare parts are rarer and more expensive and labor is much more complex.

To conclude, if you really need to choose a portable PC because at home you don’t have room for a fixed computer PC, before taking a final decision take a look at our miniature PC.

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