Why Ketu Presence In 12th House is Not Considered Good For a Career? How To Get Remedies From it?

Ketu’s presence in the 12th House is considered to be a severe dasha. Celestial bodies from all the sides surround our earth. All the sun signs are affected by one or another planet. Ketu is a half planet, which is also known as the tail of the Dragon. It is also a shadow planet and is just an arrangement of the cosmic energies.

Indian Astrology strongly believes in the good and bad effects of Ketu on an individual’s life. Rahu is known to be the giver and Ketu as the taker. Ketu is known to be a ferocious planet and, if placed in the 12th House of the Natal Chart, can have adverse on your career. What are the harmful effects of Ketu when placed in the 12th House? Are there any remedies for it? Keep reading on to know more about it!

Adverse Effects of Ketu on Career

Here are some harmful effects of Ketu on your career.

  1. You might indulge in unlawful practices in your career or business
  2. Known as the leader of evilness, Ketu has the power to fill a person’s mind with negativity.
  3. Ketu can hamper your relations with your colleagues and bosses.
  4. Ketu can propel an individual to waste and misuse the official funds for personal satisfaction. You might face more failures than victories in your professional life.

Are there any remedies?

Fortunately, you can get rid of the adverse effects of Ketu in your professional life.

Worship Lord Ganesha – Lord Ganesha is known to ward off any hindrances and problems in an individual’s life. You can offer him fresh flowers every day and pray for your well-being.

Cat-Eye Gemstone – Many astrologers recommend the sufferer to wear the cat-eye or Lehsuniya gemstone to reduce the harmful effects of Ketu in his life. Make sure you wear this gemstone only after taking approval from your astrologer. Connect with a gemstone expert to know about the Cats eye stone price details.

Other Remedies: Apart from the above mentioned significant remedies, here are some other remedies that can also help in bringing your professional life back on track:

  1. Keep a dog as a pet at home
  2. Donate mustard seeds and oil
  3. Feed stray dogs and avoid harming them in any way
  4. Visit Lord Bhairon temple regularly
  5. Donate blankets and other warm clothes to poor
  6. You can also keep a fast on Thursdays to ward off the evils of Ketu

Ketu will not always shower negative energies on the people. If placed in a harmonious house, the ascendants can expect some outstanding effects, as well. The person can experience sudden growth in career, improvement in health, and studies. As far as the adverse effects are concerned, follow these simple remedies, and open avenues for growth in your professional and personal life. Make sure you enquire enough about the current lehsunia stone price, before investing in it. Good Luck!

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