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Advent Of Android Warrants Use Of Web Design Techniques

Advent Of Android Warrants Use Of Web Design Techniques

You can now see more and more web designers are using the latest and fresh techniques in their designing process. These techniques ensure fresh designs that are more effective to attract more visitors to the site and keep them highly engaged.

It is all due to the development of information and in technology that demands more responsive websites. Why? This is because more and more people are using Android phones to surf the internet and look for different web-related contents such as:

  • Their favorite brands and their latest launches
  • Latest news and information
  • Entertainment and games and even
  • For financial help and information on sites like and others.

Therefore, creating mobile-friendly websites is the latest trend in the web design industry. These sites are distinctly different from the traditional websites that you are aware of and used to see. The websites of today are designed following the latest techniques and using the latest tools and software. The distinctive features of modern websites are:

  • Peachy colors
  • More negative or empty spaces
  • Real and bigger images
  • High-resolution intuitive videos and more.

Therefore, if you are a designer and want to make it big in this market today, you will need to be well acquainted with the newest and latest trends that are followed in web designing. Such knowledge will help you to create a website that is:

  • More responsive
  • More relevant to the market
  • Pertinent to the product and
  • In accordance with the demands of the users.

This will help you to design a website that will be operable on Android phones. This will also help you to keep up with other web designers who are now focused more on Android supported website design.

Android has taken over Windows

With the use of more and more smartphones, Android has taken over the old and traditional Windows operating system. In order to keep up with this change, there is a paradigm shift noticed in developing and designing the websites. This change in trend has resulted in a change in the concept of web designing.

  • More and more companies and web designers are focusing now on building systems instead of creating web pages simply.
  • It is also seen that all the designers and companies are now trying to keep things simple.

These approaches eventually result in building systems that will optimize the SEO benefits for a website.

More than beautiful visuals

The modern web design concept involves more than just adding an attractive visual layout to the website. This old school approach can now no longer create a better sensation and attract the eyes of the visitors to a website. Now, it is more about other important aspects that will ensure that the visitors are attracted and engaged to the site. These important aspects include:

  • Easy navigation
  • Better style guides and
  • Faster downloads.

This will ensure that the designers can now create more unique, advanced, effective and impressive design systems and not just websites.

Now, it is more about better pattern libraries. This has become more important and predominant rather than focusing on and implementing the visual layouts only. Therefore, it is now time for software engineers to build websites by using the latest web designing software and tools to keep up with the changing trends in web designing.

The use and spread of Android

Since Android has taken over Windows, it is now taken for granted that every aspect of website management and SEO will also change. The firms will not only design websites that are mobile-friendly but will also be operable extensively on Android systems and phones. It is for this reason that you will see that the old and traditional Windows operating system is now being replaced with the Android-based systems even across all platforms including:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops and

According to research, the total market share of Android has also risen dramatically over the past few years in terms of the total internet usage figures and statistics. This shows the growing popularity of Android in this modern world.

Facilitates in better designing

However, the rise in popularity of Android is the primary cause of the change in the concept of web designing which has now become more mobile-friendly. Web designing now is now better and more effective with the latest trends followed in the designing process.

  • In this modern virtual marketing scenario, websites are now designed with more grids
  • Each of the websites now is much easier to navigate
  • It has more white and negative spaces in the pages
  • The pages are cleaner with less clutter.

This minimalist approach in design is not only used in the context of websites and its content materials of the pages. It is also seen in the design of the logos as well. You can notice the effects of such new trends in the business cards of modern times.

The concept of and guidelines for negative spacing

One of the most significant changes in modern web design is the concept of negative spacing. If you want to create a more responsive website, you will need to follow the guidelines of negative spacing.

You will first need to give up the old and orthodox method of filling up each web page with lots of elements. This will help in a lot of ways and in the final result such as:

  • This will eliminate the chances of putting in any fluff in the web content
  • It will also help the people who visit a particular website to know what exactly they can expect from it and
  • People will not have to search for the required stuff more as they had to do before.

All these are the results of the more responsive web design of today which in turn is the result of the negative spacing concept in web designing. In fact, according to the experts in the web designing industry, negative spacing has proved to have the potential to produce far better results among the SEO marketing and web management scenario.

The chief cause of all these, yes you guessed it right, the advent of android.

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