Why Do You Need Locks In Your Home Or Replace Your Previous Locks?

Burglaries are still increasing when it comes to analyzing crimes. There are always some pickable locks which can be accessed even by amateur burglars. The best way to protect your homes is by upgrading your security system as well as the lock and key system. Strong locks ensure the security and safety of your property as well as your family members. Residential Master Keying in Bolivar MO can help you in securing your house from burglars and thieves by installing master keys. Here are some ways how burglars enter houses and how to stop them from doing so.

No Locks on the Doors and Windows

If you are leaving your house doors and windows unlocked then the burglars can access everything easily. Before leaving your house, you should check all the doors and windows of your houses and ensure that everything is properly locked. Every basic and upgraded lock needs to be in place and activated before you leave the house.

No Security or Burglar Alarms

The alarms can alert anyone within the range, therefore; burglars avoid houses with security alarms. The burglars can draw the attention of neighbors and police by alarming sounds. As soon as the alarm sounds ringing, the burglars have to leave the place at earliest in order to save themselves from the house and the area. However, there are some burglars who can bypass your home security and disable the ringing alarm as soon as it starts ringing. In such cases, a monitored alarm system is better as it sends a signal to the police and alerts them of the house invasion.

No Sign of Deadbolts

The burglars prefer using back doors in case if the house is located at a crowded area. However, there are still some burglars who prefer entering the house using the front door. If the homeowners have deadbolts in place then it can slow down the burglars and challenge them to unlock the house. the addition of deadbolts to both the front and back doors can put a great impact on your home security system.

Having Sliding Doors in the House

The new houses mostly have sliding doors. These doors are easy to break into when it comes to professional burglars. A safety bar stuck into the track frame can temporarily halt the burglars from breaking into the house, unless they try and break the door itself.

Unlocked Garage Doors

If your house is locked but your garage door is open, then it can also serve as an open invitation to the burglars. The door leading from garage to the house is often made of low-quality. It is not secured enough to stop burglars from entering the house. The garage also provides a cover to many burglars when they want to avoid being seen in the territory by the neighbors. You can invest in an automated garage door or install a garage door timer which can automatically close the garage door after the set time period on the timer.

Trees – Landscape

The surrounding trees, landscape, and other similar objects provide a cover of darkness on some houses. Hence, these houses are not secured enough to be protected from burglars. The burglars can use this cover of darkness and easily enter the house if it does not have any other security feature installed. The homeowners can protect their houses by placing thorn-plants near the house to repel burglars.

Residential Locksmith Company in Bolivar MO can also help to upgrade the locking system by installing unpickable locks. You can also install a flood of light with motion sensors.


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