How Khajuraho Tour Will Relax Your Mind?

Khajuraho UNESCO World Heritage Site

These temples were made in the 9th century and which consists of Hindu and Jainism temples. There are many sculptures, beautiful architecture and much beautiful creation of Indian art. This is one of the very few tourist attractions in India where you can watch unique sculptures in the temple. Each temple narrates a unique history and is a world heritage site considered by UNESCO.


Major Attractions of Khajuraho tour

Panna National Park

Just a little from the temple, about 45 minutes, Panna National Park began on the bank of Ken River. It has various waterfalls, brooks, and unique wildlife attractions. This may not be a very large park, but it is a beautiful spot to take your children to or visit to energize your mind.

Raneh Falls

On the sides of the river, you would observe Raneh Falls. It is a beautiful and romantic spot for your mind. The rocks in this falls have a shade of pink and grey. Many young couples come to watch this falls during their visit to Khajuraho temples.

Ajaigarh Fort

This is an astonishing fill fort that is built on Vindhya Mountain. It is an architectural marvel.

Ajaiharh is built on Vindhya Mountainthat makes it look astonishing. Though there is no such object inside the fort, people like to trek to the top to get a view of the river, embraced by forest and other attractions. This is a beautiful place. Explore Khajuraho by Luxury train of india.

Archaeological Museum

The museum in this place was started in the 20th century and has many architectural ruins and artifacts. There are about 2000 sculptures that are rare masterpieces. This museum is situated very near to the western group of temples.

Beni Sagar Dam

This is a picnic spot. This place has everything that would like to have a relaxed evening. There isa spotto have a lazy walk, boating, swimming, and different attractions are found here. It is a peaceful place and a good choice for family visits.

Other attractions here are Lakshmi and Varaha temple, Kandariya Mahadev temple, Jhansi and many others. October and March is the best time to visit this incredible place. This is when you can see the monuments without the sweltering heat of the sun and you can also get to see animals in the national park.

At Khajuraho, many beautiful and rich carved temples are seen and found its reputation as ‘sex temples’ too consider to do justice the fact of the site.

How to reach Khajuraho?

Air connectivity

If you wish to visit this incredible place then you will be happy to know that Khajuraho has its own domestic airport. It is a well-connected airport with most cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi, Allahabad, and Bhopal.  Most of the big and known carrier provides their services to reach here.

Bus connectivity

if you wish to reach Khajuraho via Bus then it is again well connected with a good bus network. Khajuraho is one of the famous tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh. You can catch buses regularly and can select air-conditioned, non-air-conditioned bus,semi-deluxe and deluxe buses.

Railway Station 

Khajuraho railway station is connected with some of the railway stations like Delhi, Bhopal. You can travel via trains like Bundelkhand Express, Mahakaushal Express, and Udaipur Khajuraho Express to reach Khajuraho.

Khajuraho has its own railway station; however, Khajuraho Railway Station is not connected to multiple cities in India. From New Delhi, there are regular trains to Khajuraho, which takes about 10 to 11 hours. If you want to explore Khajuraho in a luxurious way, take the maharaja express train from Delhi and enjoy 7 days onboard. Know more about the route of maharajas express and its information in detail.

Take Road Trip:

As far as Madhya Pradesh is concerned, most of the cities are well-connected with Khajuraho. You can take your own vehicle and enjoy the road trip.


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