How to secure your finances with SMS Verification

In the modern world the people trust the data to various digital gadgets. It is very convenient to store (and transfer) personal data in a laptop or cellphone. However, digital storage also has disadvantages – for example, some, even the most complicated password data protection can be circumvented by theoretically getting full access to all your secret data or finances. In this regard, developers are forced to add new levels of protection, one of which is checking by SMS.

What is sms verification with OTP (One Time Password)?

The term “SMS verification” means a way to confirm your rights in web applications using the code received in the SMS message with a password which generated by the system randomly one single time only. This method of verification is traditionally used by banking applications, e-money operators, etc. With the help of checking by SMS with One Time Password, the security level for users is increased significantly.

This confirmation method is quite simple. When registering, the user associates a mobile phone number with his account. Further, for all actions with the account, the system, in addition to the correct login and password, will also request a code from the SMS received to the specified number. Making a payment or money transfer the client receives an SMS with password and enter it on website, where the operation is conducted. The OTP code sent to the phone is randomly generated, which prevents the attacker from confirming the action. So to make a payment without you it is necessary have your cellphone at the moment of money transfer what is really difficult to arrange. We can find an OTP SMS API Provider as a leading SMS verification API Service.


SMS verification with One Time Password and security level

The chances of an intruder getting to confidential information are reduced significantly if it has additional obstacles on its way. And it is precisely such an obstacle as SMS verification with One Time Password which is practically impossible to bypass. As practice shows, even the most complex password can be cracked by professional hackers. Well, if you, as most other users, invent your passwords in a certain pattern, the chances of their hacking increase significantly.

Your email address can also be a prey for intruders, therefore, confirmation of actions via email is not a reliable protection. The code in the message that came to your mobile phone, you will see only.

In addition to the high protection level, the confirmation by SMS with One Time Password has other advantages:

No need for additional equipment, installation of programs or drivers: you can receive SMS on any phone;

After linking to a mobile number account, you can enable the SMS information option, and you will always be aware of what is happening.


You can recover the password using the code from SMS very quickly:

As you can see, using SMS verification with OTP you can protect your data with a very high degree of efficiency. If possible, try to enable this option, and be sure that the attackers probably will not have access to personal information or finances.


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