5 Highlights Of Nepal to Tibet Road Trip

Nepal to Tibet

For adventurous people, Nepal to Tibet road trip is one of the exciting trips. The stunning landscapes are wonderful. The highlights of the road are –

1. The Gyirong Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Tibet. This is lying in the foothills of Himalaya. The valley is around more than one hundred kilometres in length in the foot of the great mountains. This is filled with alpine bushes and other greenery.

2. The second stunning sight is the lake. You must not miss this place while travelling to Tibet and it is Peiku-the Lake. After the Gyiring town, the worth scene is the lake. This is located above sea level at 4591 meters. This looks like an hourglass. From the lake, you will get the stunning view of Mt. Shishapangma.

3. Gawula pass is one of the highest passes of Tibet. It is located above the sea level at 5198 meters. You should not miss this because of the panoramic view of Himalaya.

4. On the whole trip, you will get a thrilling experience if you stay at the Everest Base Camp. This is known as the most popular tourist spot in Asia. This is an easily accessible base camp. You can reach there by car easily. And the night stay in the base camp is a must to do in Nepal To Tibet trip. The morning view during sunrise, especially, is the best thing to enjoy. You will get Tibetan tents for the night stay. From April to October is the best time for such a trekking trip and night stay.

5. After the base camp, the interesting place to visit is central Tibet. To explore the central and southern Tibet you have to follow the Shigatse to Lhasa route. Before you reach Lhasa, you must visit the Tashilunpo Monastery. There you will see Yamdrok Lake. This is located in Shigatse.

These are the 5 must-visit places on the trip. So why wait! Book your trip now.

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