5 Qualities Veterans Like to See in Any Mortgage Professional

Like anyone else, veterans have certain expectations when it comes to getting a mortgage, whether they are first-time homebuyers, or they are refinancing an existing home. Below are five of the most important qualities veterans like to see in their mortgage professionals and the reasons why they are so critical.

#1 – Focus on the Veteran’s Best Interests

It’s a high-tech, instant gratification world, and veterans know this just as well as anyone else. However, when it comes to a mortgage professional, choosing the right person makes all the difference. Veterans like mortgage professionals who truly have their best interests at heart. These mortgage brokers should want to save vets and their families money, provide them with a great deal of transparency, and ensure their comfort in their homes for many years to come.

#2 – Detail-Oriented Nature

In the military, veterans learn very quickly now to notice even the smallest details, and because of this, it is always welcoming to see that same characteristic in a mortgage broker. The mortgage process can be complicated, and should a veteran choose a professional who isn’t very detail-oriented, the process can take much longer than it should. Veterans also like to hire people who are available via telephone or email and who can provide a list of references.

#3 – Honesty

Honesty is probably the number one most important quality for a veteran, and this is true for every single endeavor in his or her life. Whether it’s buying a car, buying a home, or even shopping for a new television, honesty can make or break the entire deal. Mortgage professionals who do not gloss over the fine details or sugar-coat the potential downfalls of a particular situation will always be favorites among vets.

#4 – Good Rates

Though interest rates may be climbing slowly across the nation, now is still a great time to buy a home – but only for veterans who are working with professionals who aren’t afraid to compete for better rates. Veterans want to know that their mortgage broker will go above and beyond to find the best possible interest rates and the lowest possible fees to save them money. This is by far the best way for buyers to see the numbers they expect – and to get the prices they deserve, too.

#5 – Industry Expertise

There’s nothing worse than expecting someone to help navigate you through a complicated process, only to discover that the individual you are working with seems confused and lost, too. Veterans prefer working with mortgage professionals who have a great deal of industry expertise, both through education and experience. They also prefer people who have helped veterans secure the funds they needed in the past.

For the most part, when it comes to finding the right mortgage professional, veterans are no different than civilians. They want to make sure their broker has their best interests at heart, can pay attention to detail, is honest, and knows the ins and outs of the industry. Above all else, they need to know that their professionals will work hard to get them the best possible interest rates.


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