5 Facts About Myanmar Tour Package Everyone Should Know

Myanmar was an amazing attraction for us to explore! And another ASIAN nation like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, or Vietnam is trailing their nearby traditions. In any case, the Burmese develop their traditions and don’t permit the ‘western’ culture to replace their own. We truly love it. There is nothing more wonderful for a tourist than finding the local legends. This post is about Myanmar’s attracting realities. We are imparting to you entertaining, helpful and sometimes unusual data about delightful Burma. And if you want to explore this country in your own way then you must choose the Myanmar tour package that will be really helpful for you.

1. Men wear skirts in Burma

When you see a man, who wears Longyi then don’t be surprised about that because the Longyi is a traditional Burmese outfit, so it is the normal thing. And it can be worn by men and women. There is you can see the male and female styles of longyis. By the way, men normally wear blue, green, or burgundy checkered skirt whereas women choose more colorful longyis in flowered designs.

2. This country has two names

Amazing thing is that, a lot of people known it as Burma or Myanmar!

So, I like to tell you that both names of this country are correct if you are writing about this country then you should utilize its official name that is Myanmar. It is interesting, huh!

3. Make-up means something different in Myanmar

Another interesting detail about Myanmar is that women and men normally use the make-up there. But it is completely different than you see. By the way, Burmese make-up is completed by Thanaka that is whitish-yellow paste prepared from ground bark (grinding the wood, roots or bark of Thanaka tree with water).

It is generally put on nose and cheeks. But we also watched people with Thanaka all over the bodies. And there is no rule how much of this paste that you can put on your skin!

4. Burmese men have one bloody habit

For the first-time traveler, visiting Myanmar might be alarming toward the start. You will see men spitting blood all over the place. At any rate, this is what it looks like. Truth be told, they are not spitting blood. It’s a spit hued on red by Paan. Paan is a solid psychoactive substance, made of areca nut, betel leaf, and some of the time tobacco. It is bitten by numerous Burmese individuals to give them vitality. It is accepted that biting Paan can be contrasted with drinking 6 cups of espresso with liquor. It’s excessively solid yet also very dangerous.

5. Traffic in Myanmar may be very confusing!

At the point when we reached in Myanmar, everything about the traffic appeared to be fine. However, subsequent to going through the first 10 minutes in a taxi while we understood that something isn’t right! The taxis in Burma have right hand directing (like in the UK, or the various nations with left-hand traffic). Although, the traffic in Myanmar is the correct hand!

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