Enroll Your Child In The Best Tuition Centre At Yishun

Often children need something more than classroom lessons in school. In school, one-to-one teaching is not possible and it is not possible for the teachers to focus their attention fully on one student. In fact, the teacher’s time is divided among all the students. However, individual care and attention are crucial for children to secure better grades. Today tuition services are increasingly becoming popular as they fill this gap and help students to perform better academically. Since every child is different, the renowned Yishun Tuition Centre offers customized lessons designed for each student depending on their pace so that they benefit the most. The teachers devote more time for each student compared to a school and this allows children to have an excellent grasp over different subjects. Tuition services allow students to clear their doubts as they get an opportunity to work closely with the teachers which makes them feel more confident.

Key features

  • Robust curriculum, experienced teachers, interesting materials

Children are exposed to a carefully designed in-house curriculum at Chinese Tuition Yishun in accordance with the syllabus. They have a specialized team of curriculum specialists mostly comprising of ex-MOE teachers. The worksheets provide children an extra edge over other students in exams. The team of full-time qualified graduate teachers and ex-MOE teachers help the reputed tuition centre to deliver quality lessons. Tuition services usually have a less formal approach unlike schools as they are more flexible. Here teachers can make the study materials more interesting and adapt whichever learning styles they think works best. They have an award-winning math enrichment program which enables students to strengthen concepts and attempt challenging questions.

  • After-school program

The reputed tuition centre at Yishun also offers student care facilities where children can stay after their school is over. Since they are very much concerned about the overall development and well being of a child, they provide home-cooked meals prepared by qualified and experienced cook. The meals served to meet the guidelines of the Health Promotion Board. The board recommends 0.5 serving of vegetables, 0.5 serving of fruits and 0.5 serving of meat. The menu is rotated on alternate days to satisfy their taste buds and make the children happy. Outdoor games are also incorporated into their curriculum.

  • Homework help service

A child may get stuck up with their homework or may find it boring or sometimes even pressurizing. The qualified teachers at the best tuition centre provide homework guidance and supervise the child. They keep the children focused so that they find it more interesting. You can rest assured that your child’s homework would be duly completed to a higher standard and submitted.

  • Extracurricular activities

Besides academics, a lot of emphases is laid on extracurricular activities as they strongly believe that it is necessary for a child’s holistic development. This includes games, art and craft, and cookery lessons. The best tuition centre focuses on the character development of a child and aims to promote a culture of care and mind-set of excellence among children. It involves cultivating good moral values in children through activities.

As busy parents, consider enrolling your child in a tuition centre that offers bespoke services.


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