What to Do as a Family When Everyone is Tired of the Same Routine

In order to fill every day with memorable family moments, one should break away from their routine. 

We all become trapped in the same routine at some point in our lives. This often happens to entire families. Repetition often leads to boredom, which is especially true for those who have kids. Family life should be filled with enjoyment and fun activities. Boredom should never be on a daily agenda.

Kids grow up so fast and in the blink of an eye, they will be off to college. In order to fill every day with memorable family moments, one should break away from their routine. 

Here are some things a family can do when everyone is tired of the same routine. 

Bake treats together

Moms usually don’t like anyone hanging around the kitchen when they are in the middle of cooking. However, kids can help more than you think. This will be a fun activity for them. They will get a chance to learn about cooking or baking. Whereas, the cooks in charge, aka mom and dad will get much-needed help. The easiest thing to do together is to bake some cookies. Parents can make the dough, while kids can play with shapes and prepare the dough for baking. After the cookies are done, kids can frost them in sugar, cinnamon or sprinkles or any other topping.

Watch a movie together

Kids love watching movies with their parents because they can snuggle up against them and get lost in the storyline. This activity is ideal for colder weather and winter days that are almost here. Make sure to host this movie night on a Friday or a Saturday, so kids can have enough time to rest. Pick something everyone will enjoy, like a comedy or an animated movie. You can also have a discussion afterward. This will be a great way to teach kids to express their thoughts and discuss various topics. Discuss the moral of the story or the characters in the movie. Since everyone loves to snack, make sure to prepare enough popcorn for everyone.

Have a family readathon

Another great habit for the entire family is reading. Reading improves memory, focus, expands vocabulary and gives your brain a workout. So, families should schedule regular family reading time. This will further strengthen the family bond and create a shared experience. Parents who read also instill this habit in their children. You can have a family reading time twice a week. You should all sit in the same room and spend an hour reading together. Each family member reads a book of choice. Once they finish reading the book, they can present the book to their family. They can retell the story or simply share their impressions. 

Walk around the neighborhood

Just a simple walk around the neighborhood can be lots of fun if you are creative enough. For starters, you can play follow the leader. This will make your kids laugh and also be an engaging physical activity. A person that leads the group does a move and the rest of the party repeats that move. SO if a leader is skipping, so is everyone else. You can also play catch, just remember to bring a ball. 
Walking does not have to be boring, even if you take a stroll around the block. You can also play word games like the spelling bee or I spy. 

Have a drawing competition

Drawing is a way for everyone to express their creativity. It also improves motor skills in kids and serves as a stress relief for adults. It improves hand-eye coordination so it should be something your kids do. For fun, you can draw each other’s portraits, and hang them up on the refrigerator. Each time you can use a different technique. Crayons, watercolors, collage or a simple pencil sketch will turn you all into artists. Alternatively, you can play Pictionary in teams.
One person will draw something and the other has to guess what someone is drawing. Anyone who guesses gets the point. Another fun game is called Draw and pass along. A person will start the drawing and pass it to the next person. This second person then continues drawing and again passes it on. Once it reaches the last person in the raw, he or she will finish it. Everyone will laugh at the end result, for sure.

Have a picnic

Having fun and spending time outside are easily achieved with this single activity. The best time to have a picnic is during the weekends when kids are free of all extracurricular activities. Each time you decide to organize a picnic, think of something that will make it different from the previous one. Try including your kids into the planning process. Also, invite your in-laws or other relatives and create some fun memories together. However you decide to organize it, make sure to bring enough food.
Think in terms of something that is easy to make, is healthy and even your kids love it. You can even bake treats with your kids the night before. Pick a nice location, bring a blanket, a picnic basket filled with food and drinks, some toys and games perfect for outdoor play. Don’t forget to have fun and make some lovely memories.

Go on a cycling adventure around the park

Sunny afternoons or weekends are ideal for this outdoor adventure. Regular physical activity is one of the pillars of health. For this particular reason, kids should be taught this importance in a fun way. Biking together as a family will teach your kids how to lead happy and healthy lives. Make sure the kid’s bicycles are in great shape before you embark on this adventure. Kids should also have essential equipment on them at all times. Pick an interesting route and make frequent stops so kids can eat a snack or take a break. Make sure to stop whenever you reach something interesting on your path, like a funny shaped tree or a rare looking bird.

Putting the puzzle pieces together

Putting puzzle pieces together is a great mental exercise for the kids. Through the simple trial end error process, kids will learn how to fit a puzzle piece where it fits. This engages their problem-solving skills and motor skills. You can turn this fun and educational activity into a game, too. Let everyone pick 20 pieces randomly. Once you choose your pieces, take turns to try and put the puzzle pieces together. The one person who spends all of their pieces first is the winner. It is like playing dominos, but with a twist. A larger puzzle is ideal for this activity as it will engage the entire family.

Decorate the house for upcoming holidays

The holiday season officially starts in late November and lasts through January. This is the perfect time to decorate the house for the upcoming holidays. Everyone loves this period because they get the chance to make their own decorations, too. You can spend a few nights making some new pieces of decoration. Kids can make something out of paper, carton or plastic. At the same time, parents can help with coloring, gluing and putting sprinkles. Make sure to cover all surfaces with paper because kids spill things easily. This will make your home look festive and create a holiday environment. Kids will love you for letting them create their own decorations and proudly putting it up on the Christmas tree or around the house.

Listen to music and bust out some crazy moves

Have a fun family dance party whenever your kids say they are bored. This is also another way to sneak some physical exercise into their day. Moreover, this will keep your kids away from screens. Start by making a family playlist together. Everyone is allowed to suggest their song even if it is something that causes a headache to the parents. Parents can use this opportunity to educate their children about the artist they listen to.
Once your playlist is ready, gather everyone in a circle. Make sure to prepare an imaginary microphone. Usually, the remote is used as a microphone. Whoever’s song starts playing first, has to sing to it and dance like crazy. The rest of the family follows their cue and joins in on the party. 

Practice some yoga with kids

Let’s be honest, kids love to roll around on the floor so some kid-friendly yoga is perfect. This will be a great way to get your kids to do some back exercises to fix their posture. It also builds their strength, stability, mobility and relaxes them. Start with easy positions and just practice deep breathing. After a while, your kids will get used to some of the easiest positions and love practicing balancing poses. After a while, yoga will sharpen their focus too. This will be a beneficial skill for other areas of life.

Here we’ve listed just twelve ideas you can easily try and break the same old routine. Each one of these can sound different if you do it with a twist. The whole idea is to banish boredom and it requires just a bit of creativity to bust out of it.

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