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Latest Bridal Makeup Tips And Trends That Every Indian Bride Should Follow

If brides were to maintain a wedding diary, then most of it would have been about working on the beautiful looks. For every bride, no matter where in the whole wide world she is, makeup is one thing that is of utmost importance.

I recently was in the beautiful city of Pune and was greeted by a top makeup artist in Pune who told me about many trends that are taking up the pace these days among the millennial brides. Although most of the brides prefer getting makeup as per their choice and usually adhere to something that they are comfortable with. But there are various trends that actually are worth including in the brides’ wedding ensemble.

So, in order to clear out all the chaos and confusion that surrounds the planning of bridal makeup, here I have mentioned some tips that you can execute right away without thinking twice.

Go For A No Makeup Look

Going for a no-makeup look at your wedding is something that’s really daring for every bride. In order to nail a no-makeup look, you’ll have to start early and pamper your skin by protecting it from all the dirt and direct sunlight. You’ll need to follow a regular skincare regime and might also have to schedule various meetings with a Dermatologist to get a flawless skin that you can flaunt.

Subtly Waterline And Eyelined Eyes

According to various wedding makeup specialists, the recent trends suggest that you must go for a bold eye look which captures the attention of everyone. Subtly using eyeliner to outline your eyelids and fill in the waterline to make your eyes look apart is really essential. If it seems like too bold of a loo, then you can also go for an unfinished eye lining. It is quite trendy and looks wondrous when combined with white colored eye-shadow, be it a shimmery one or a matte.

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Foiled Eye Makeup

Having a shiny foiled eye makeup at your wedding is something that many professional bridal makeup artists stand for. There are many different ways in which you can have amazing looking eyes but as per the makeup artists, it is always better to not go too over the top but choose something that’s more blendable in the overall look. There are numerous hues from which you can choose one that’s suit you the most. Some of the most common hues that are considered by the brides are silver, gold and brown.

A Touch Of Glitter

Having a touch of glitter in your makeup really helps to amp up the glam factor on the wedding day. Over the last few years, there has been a great increase in the popularity of the glitter in the bridal looks. Glitter can be used in numerous different ways and can range from something making a strong statement like glittering lips and nails, to something that’s subtle like brushing forehead and cheeks with the glitter powder.

Red Lip Shade With Sorbet Gloss

Having a shade of red lipstick in your makeup is something that will surely be timeless and can be combined with pretty much every kind of makeup. Topping the red lips with a sorbet lip gloss is the latest trend that is sure to give you a fresh, breezy look.

To sum everything up you can have a minimal makeup with a glossy lipstick in a vibrant shade of red and the eyes with a foiled makeup neatly outlined by an eyeliner. And just to give the final touches brush some glitter to make yourself shine.

These tips are sure to give you a look that’s not only trendy but really enchanting. The most important thing is still your opinion and self-expression is something that matters the most. So good luck to you for looking beautiful and have an awesome life ahead!

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