What Is Minicab Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Minicab Insurance

If you are driving minicab, you need to get the protection cover to drive your vehicle legally on the road. Minicab Insurance can cover you to drive your minicab either privately or for commercial use whether it is for school, social group, charity, for personal or business purposes. Insurance can be availed at three different levels. These three levels are the third party only, third party fire & theft and the comprehensive cover. Before taking the insurance for your minicab, you should get a thorough knowledge about what type of insurance level will suit your needs. Insurance covers may also include breakdown cover, public liability cover, EU cover, for any driver cover and named driver also.

Explaining Minicab Insurance

You can use minicabs for multiple purposes. Mostly, minicab is used for school, colleges and offices pick and drop use. The specific purpose for which you are using minicabs will determine the type of cover you need. The three types of cover mentioned above will vary in price and the type of vehicle you are driving will determine the price of the premium.

What is Minicab Insurance?

When we talk about insurance whether it’s taxi insurance or minicab insurance, you should beware that what type of insurance policy you should need according to your needs. Minicab Insurance is an insurance policy that is specially designed to cover vehicles that has the capacity to cover nine people or more. These are usually used for charity organizations, associations and for school purposes. The specific use of the vehicle would have a direct effect on the required insurance. Insurance cover for the minibusses comes in a similar fashion to that of the private car as the Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft as well as the third party only.

In short, insurance is a legal requirement that is required when you want to drive your vehicle on the public road.

Why use Total Insurance Comparison?

While working with some of the UK leading brokers, they can help you to find the Minicab Insurance cover that is according to your needs. Insurance brokers will help you to find the best insurance quote possible having vast knowledge about the area. Getting benefits from their knowledge and expertise will help you to save your costs.

Insurance brokers offer you different types of covers that are discussed below;

Any Use Cover

Minicabs are used for a wide variety of purposes that the insurance brokers can guide you to fully tailor your policy to cover and will define the purpose you are especially using your vehicle for. While taking the insurance coverage, it must fulfill all your needs.

Flexible Payment Plan

It’s a wrong myth that you have to submit the payment all in one. If you don’t have an amount to pay all upfront, you don’t need to worry. You will be offered a pay per month policy where your policy will be broken down to a deposit you can easily manage on a monthly basis.

Legal Expenses

If you and your minicab get involve in an accident or you need to handle a claim made against you, the insurance policy will help you to cover fully.

So, What Cover is Available for Minicab Owners?

  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Third-Party, Fire & Theft
  • Third-Party Only
  • Any Driver Policies
  • Named Driver Policies
  • Public Liability Cover
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Legal Expenses Cover

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