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Different Tips And Tricks For Safely Using A Pressure Washer

Spring cleaning does not only mean that you have to clean the exterior side of the house but also the interior side. What’s more important is that you need to wash your driveway, walkways, and the garage to remove the chemical deicers and road salts that have been accumulating over the whole winter season.

Well, to most people, this would only mean that they should hire a company that offers reliable services such as residential pressure washing in McKinney TX. We know that people undertake a pressure washing venture as DIY’s because they are either tempted by watching online videos or simply because they think that it will save them money.

What people fail to understand is that they can damage the concrete areas by using pressure washing. Just because concrete is strong, it doesn’t mean that it’s invincible. This is why it is highly recommended that you should hire either a home washing company in McKinney TX for cleaning your house or read this article until the end. We’ve compiled a list of a few imperative tips and tricks that allow you to use the pressure washing machine safely.

If you don’t feel like hiring a professional pressure washing company, you need to keep the following tips in mind. For sure you’ll benefit from them!

1: Use Green Colored Tips

Well, if you planning to pressure wash concrete, you need to use green tips. The yellow and red colored tips put all the pressure in a small area which will blast the top off the concrete surface. Whereas, the white and black colored tips spread out the water pressure. These tips are used for washing cars or the sidings of the house.

2: Keep The Pressure Between 3000 to 3500 PSI

Pressure washing machines are just like a gardening hose but with immense pressure. It is highly suggested that you should use the pressure washer between 3000 – 3500 PSI because nothing more powerful is needed for the maintenance of any household item.

3: Avoid Human Error

Most of the time people after pressure washing the driveways see that there are lines of dirt remaining. It’s simply because you didn’t take as much as the time needed to clean or you got tired and wanted to quickly clean the driveway.

4: Mold And Mildews

Containments such as Mildews and mold cannot be washed away with simple pressure washing techniques. They need special treatment and cleaners. Pressure washing will no doubt remove them from the surface but mold and mildews will leave back their traces. If you don’t have the blurriest idea of how to get rid of them, you should hire a professional residential home washing company in McKinney TX.

5: Seal Your Concrete

One of the best options that you can opt for keeping the dirt and stains from penetrating the concrete open pores is to seal them! Trust me, this will keep the concrete surface clean for a longer period.

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