Holy Land Tours – Awesome Private Tours to Bethlehem

Are you planning a holy land private tours in Bethlehem this year? If so, then you might want to check-out our awesome bucket list of places that you must visit in Jerusalem.

Bethlehem is part of the Palestinian Territories and situated in the West Bank. The town is very close to the Israeli border and tourists can cross between the border of Israel and the West Bank so easily.

You can find a lot of unique attractions for all ages and backgrounds in this very historic place. Whether you want a daily tour in Israel or a pristine Holy Land tours, Judah Tours is here to guide you all the way.

We can help have an awesome journey to Bethlehem and savor the scenic desert landscapes, lush forests, breath-taking beaches, and of course, the most historic sites in the world.

Below is the list of place that you should include in the places that you must visit during your travel to Bethlehem

Holy Land Private Tours in Bethlehem Bucket List

Gorgeous Beaches

You must not miss-out spanning the gorgeous Mediterranean coast, and that is the beaches in Israel. A lot of surfers, sunbathers, and travelers are enjoying the sport on the beaches of Israel. Enjoy getting some of the suns of Bethlehem or have a relaxing quiet moment in Tel Aviv Beaches, Eilat Beaches, or Caesarea Aqueduct Beach.

And not just that, we offer packages like:

  • Classic Israel Multi-day Private Tours
  • Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, & Bethlehem 2 Day Tour
  • The Dead Sea & Bethlehem Full-Day Tour from Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv

Awesome Historical Sites Private Tours

If you want to get back in time and learn what happens so many decades ago, then you should not miss visiting these famous historical places.

The country of Israel offers a lot of historical sites that are truly impressive, important, and inspiring. To name some, the Old City in Jerusalem, Masada, Megiddo, Independence Hall Tel Aviv, Church of Nativity, and Underground City are just some of the places that you should put in your bucket list. Enjoy taking the snake path or cable car trip as you ascend to the top of Masada.

Check-out our Private tours:

  • Classic Israel Multi-day Private Trip
  • Mar Saba Saint George Monastery, Mount of Temptation & Bethlehem Private Tour
  • Bethlehem Half-Day 4 Hour Tour from Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv

Here at Judah Tours, we will guide you every step of the way and make sure that you won’t miss a spot in our Daily Tours Package in Israel.

Get close to the nature and Wildlife in Israel

If you want a nature tripping type of daily tours in Israel, then you will enjoy exploring the wildlife of Israel.

The country offers a wide range of diverse options for you to enjoy. See the gorgeous natural beauty of Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, Safari Park Ramat Gan, Rosh Hanikra, Bahai Gardens, and Timna Park.

Have a breathtaking and unique private tour in Bethlehem and savor the beautiful nature of Israel.

Check-out our Private tours:

  • Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, & Bethlehem 2 Day Tour
  • North of Israel One Day Tour
  • Bethlehem Half-Day Private Tour

Jerusalem Tour – A day trip to from art to history

Israel is very famous in housing impressive museums; you can find a lot of important arts and artifacts of the country here. From modern art to contemporary art, you can find it all here.

So if you are wary that you might not enjoy your private tour in Israel because of the hot weather. Then visiting Yad Vashem, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Steinhardt Museum of Natural History in Tel Aviv, Eretz Israel Museum, Design Museum Holon, and Israel Museum are a great indoor trip alternative for you.

Check-out our Daily Tours in Israel:

  • West-Bank Christian Full-Day Tour
  • Bethlehem & Jericho Full-Day Tour from Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv
  • Jerusalem & Bethlehem Full-Day Tour

Food Trip in Israel

Enjoying the historical places, nature, wildlife, and beaches of Israel can be a tiring and starving adventure for you. And we made sure that in your private tour; you will also experience and enjoy the cuisine that Israel has to offer.

Maybe, you want to try eating hummus. You can try out a few hummus options in many hummus joints in between your travel to Bethlehem. Also, you can try out a lot of street foods in Tel Aviv Carmel Market.

Check-out our Holy Land Travel Packages:

  • The Bethlehem Walking Private Tour
  • Bethlehem Half-Day Private Tour
  • The Bethlehem, Jericho, Dead Sea, Qumran 2 Day Tour
  • Bethlehem Full-Day Tour from Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv

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