Does Buying more Lottery Tickets Increase your Winning Chance?

Trying out your luck for the first time? Hoping to increase your chance to win the lottery this time? Have you heard about the theory of buying more tickets to expand your chances of winning? Yes, it’s real and not a myth folk! But this varies depending on the game you play.

For small raffles and draws within 100 tickets or so, you have a better chance to win by purchasing many tickets. But that is not the case when you buy one ticket in a lottery which has more than 2 lakh tickets.

Being selective about the lottery can give you better chances to win. So why don’t most people win often? Let’s get to that!

It Will Happen When It’s Meant To Happen

A lot of people waste time and precious money, hoping that they can flip through a series for a lucky one. They match their birthdays or anniversaries that they feel would be the lucky ticket. This is never a great idea to win a local raffle draw, let alone the lottery.

Statistically Speaking

For a Power Ball when you buy a single ticket, your chances of winning are 1 in 292,201,338. With 2 or more tickets, you increase the chances so on and so forth with an increase in numbers. But say you buy 500 of those, does that increase your chances quite a bit? Statistically speaking, this gives you 0.0000171114% chance to win $1.5 Billion.

In Your Country

You have many chances of winning a lottery in India. But mega lotteries like Powerball and others are inaccessible to you. People here take the other traditional purchase method for a ticket. Here you can increase your chances but only when you buy from a series.

Increasing Your Odds

So are all hopes lost? Well, the statistics don’t seem to favor the theory. But there are some ways through which you can enhance your chances of winning. With a few great tips and tricks, you can win $150 (Rs. 10,719) to $1.5 billion (Rs. 1,07,19,00,00,000).

Do Not Pick Your Date Of Birth

When you stick to dates, you are only choosing from the range of 1-31. This means that the rest of the numbers are left behind. Try to choose from the whole board instead of picking your favorite number to take home the jackpot. It’s sheer luck for those who buy one ticket and take it all back home.

For example in Powerball you have to match the five numbers and the ball to win, you can’t hope to do that with one ticket. Most people pick a date; be the odd one out and pick several from the rest of the numbers.

Give Online Lottery A Chance

Conventional ways of taking part in the lottery are great. But have you tried the online platforms? Lottoland gives you the chance to win online. You can take part while playing from India.

After playing once or twice you get a sense of the randomness, chances, and games that you can win at. These platforms are simple to use and get your own rags to riches story.

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