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How Design Thinking can transform your Company?

Companies like IBM and Microsoft are prioritizing design because it makes business functioning easier. According to a study done in 2014, design-focused companies have outperformed the S&P 500 index by 228 percent in the last decade. Design thinking has transformed the way we look at the problems and questions we face in the world.

It has helped to step outside of the usual way of doing things with visual thinking, creativity, and innovation to find new solutions to the same old issues. Also, according to the 2015 design value index developed by the Design Management Institute and Motive Strategies, design-led companies like Apple, Pepsi, IBM, Nike, and SAP have outperformed the S&P 500 over a 10-year period by an extraordinary 211%.

Here are some of the ways how design thinking can be effectively used in businesses to foster growth and innovation:

1. Brings the spotlight on the end-user

You might have heard it multiple times but it is true that once you get into customers’ shoes, you can hit the ground running. At the core of this issue, solving the approach is widely followed by consumers. The actual goal is to develop useful solutions and products that fit the needs of the user, in every way possible.

2. Increase profitability

At the time of planning the design-thinking approach, one can also use its customer’s input to redesign intelligent website design services, operational processes and optimize cost by focusing on product features that the customers want and eliminating features that your concerned customers do not use. Design thinking helps to drive operational efficiency.

3. Solve real problems

It is not just limited to creativity and innovation but it is also particularly directed at creating value and solving problems. And rather than going about either of these traditional ways, design thinking seeks to use design principles to resolve issues from small to large, in almost every industry.

4. Digital transformation projects

It helps you when your business’s nature of the problem is unconventional or when the roles and responsibilities need to be re-assessed to keep the up with the evolving and latest technology. Hence, the design-thinking approach is well suited for digital innovation labs that aid your company moves from the older ways of doing business to more digitalized business models.

There are certain factors which need to be avoided when integrating design thinking into your company’s culture:

  • Do not focus on one component

The holistic approach says that it is important to focus on all the components, do not let other components be forgotten.

  • Do not stick to the rules

Design thinking is a flexible approach, hence, it is almost impossible for your business to be rigid and linear in how it is being applied. In fact, it should be a way of thought and guideline.

  • Do not isolate

The building blocks of design thinking cannot be managed one at a time, hence, it is vital that all the steps work together at the same time to generate productive innovation. So, it is advised to not focus majorly on one step before moving on to the next.

It can be challenging to execute at a firm company where processes and systems run disruptively but the advantages outweigh the process of cutting via all the red tape. For small business owners, a design thinking culture is yours to be developed and to lead.

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