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Five Unconventional Uses For Your Premium Beard Oil

Beard oil is a boon for bearded men, as it helps not just in grooming a beard, but also improving its texture over time. We suggest that you use a beard oil regularly to get a soft, hydrated and robust beard. But do you know it has other alternative uses as well?

Before jumping into the other uses of beard oil, let’s quickly discuss its application technique.

Application Technique

All you need to do is take a few drops of beard oil and rub it between your palms for even distribution. After that, apply the beard oil straight onto the beard and the skin beneath it. Don’t neglect the moustache while applying beard oil.

It is best to apply beard oil when your skin is still a little damp after a warm shower or after washing your face. This is because after washing your face with warm water, the skin pores are wide open, and the beard oil can easily penetrate the skin.

If there is still some left in your palm, rub it on your neck, hair or elbows. This takes us to the main discussion point: the alternative uses of beard growth oil. Just like it is for your beard, this oil is good for your hair and skin too.

Here are the six best alternative uses of your preferred beard oil:

1) Aftershave lotion

Beard oil is used to hydrate the skin under the beard for improved hair quality. Since most beard oils contain Vitamin E as one of the main ingredients, which keeps your skin hydrated and safe from environmental stress, you can use this product on the rest of your face as well, especially after shaving to soothe your skin, as it has anti-inflammatory properties too.

Simply lace your fingertips with beard oil and rub it onto your face and neck. Wipe off the excess oil using a tissue paper or soft towel.

2) Style up your hair

If you are not sure about applying hair oil or gel to style your hair, try beard oil instead. Just like it conditions your beard, this oil also serves as a good conditioner for your hair as well. Many men like to use beard oil on their hair over traditional hair products, as it’s simpler to work with. It also helps in retaining moisture within your hair to make them feel softer, smoother and more manageable.

For using beard oil on your hair, you need to dip your fingers in it and start running them through your hair, while gently rubbing the scalp. Use more drops (two to three) if needed. Your hair will appear sleek and nourished afterwards.

3) Eliminate Dandruff

You will be surprised to know that your beard growth oil works faster than your anti-dandruff shampoo. Simply put a few drops of oil on your fingers and start rubbing it into the scalp. Keep it for a while before washing, and your dandruff will disappear in a few days. You need to be patient for a few days to let the dandruff completely go away. It is a perfect dandruff removal solution for winter, the season during which this problem is more common.

4) Hair sunscreen

Just like your skin, your hair can be damaged by the sun too. And if sun rays can damage your hair, how can these rays leave your facial hair behind when it comes to damaging them? Some premium beard oils contain vitamin E that’s good for preventing the sun’s free radicals from destroying your hair and facial hair. So, it’s best to use this oil on your beard and hair as a hair sunscreen.

5) Moisturize your skin

Believe it or not, some men have confirmed that their wives and girlfriends like to use their beard oil as a moisturizer for the skin. Since beard oil contains a concoction of ingredients found in skin moisturizers and hair products, there is no harm in dabbing some onto your skin to feel fresh and hydrated all day long. Just take some beard oil on your palm, rub it your hands and start massaging it on your skin before going to bed. You will certainly feel a great difference the very next morning.

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