Stereotypes Aside: Morocco is Europe of Africa

I’m fed up of listening about Morocco that it is a state where every second citizen is terrorist, tripping Morocco means you will not come back home for sure. This is disgusting. I have many reasons to argue on this topic because I experience the Morocco Multi-center Holidays this year. This is a great holiday destination in the world, what’s different then? Different is what you have been misinformed by your media. We, travelers, have a very different view on our experiences roaming around the world and sometimes get disappointed to see that what our media and journalists are doing so far.

What Morocco tells you is a different story:

This blog is all about my experiences in Morocco. I had a wonderful multi-center trip this year and very satisfied with those experiences. To tell you is of the reason that, all the things prevailing around regarding anything, person and place might not be true. Set our, discover the world and then have an opinion.

Do you see Arabs as terrorists?

Yes, you must be seeing Arabs as terrorists because you came to know about this on television or social media. But did you ask yourself a single question, what if I explore this question myself on the ground? I’m a professional travel blogger. I stroll into the cities, countries, and regions and broke all the ices of stereotypes mostly prevails and remains in our brains. Arabs are so welcoming, courteous and loving, this is by my experience. Why I would want to endanger the lives of my family and my own people? So simple. Get some on-ground exposure to the world, you will feel the change.

Women without Scarves and Burqa:

While in Morocco, we have been welcomed by local Moroccans as we were their special guests. What we saw in Morocco which is welcoming and encouraging, is women roaming around the markets, and around the city without a proper scarf covering. This means they are free in their country and not controlled by the sense of patriarchy as such. I don’t deny the overall patriarch of mindset Morocco preserves, which is very wrong. But the locals are somehow free in their lives we have seen there. If you are European and keep concerns about women or basic human rights, you will not be disappointed there overall.

I have seen Women backpackers roaming in Morocco:

During my trip to Morocco, I have seen and met a number of solo female travelers in Morocco. There was a perfect opportunity to question them about their fears regarding their trip to Morocco. Most of them replied with the very positive reviews about their experiences there. In Tangier, I have met a journalist who came from Italy and she was having a week to tour most of the places in Morocco. It is all safe and great as yet, she said to me while having a cup of coffee together in a local café. Another traveler commented on her tour the best experience in Arab-African country which is infamous of many things. To the Europeans, Morocco welcomes you to explore the ultimate beauties in its beaches, and mountains. Mainland cities offer you to explore its beautiful traditions and authentic exposure to its enrich culture.

A question of Alcohol is cracked:

Yes, you need alcohol during your trip to Morocco and thinking that you will be in trouble having no Alcohol in Morocco. You are wrong. Do you know that Morocco is on the leading Alcohol producers in the world? You should know this. Country laws restrict you to have Alcohol publically, but no disappointment. Alcohol and Beer will be available to you in any Supermarket and in the reputed hotels in town. We had taken our stuff from the nearby spot and it was an amazing experience. You will be having a wonderful holiday opportunity having Alcohol of your Choice, Clear?

Impact of the Killings News from Morocco:

It happened in back 2018, and that was the single event happened which scared the travelers to travel to Morocco. In fact, if you see, tourism in Morocco increased in the first half of 2019. It means that the wrong impact of the news spread worldwide has not such results. People are still coming to Morocco and understand that these happenings are the normal routine incidents can happen anywhere in the world. The very positive development after the killings of two Swedish travelers in Atlas mountains, the Moroccan government and tourism industry gives a good measure of security to its tourists. I see law and order situation in Morocco maintained well, which encourages more tourists to visit the place with more confidence.

We see Morocco as Europe in Africa, a very progressive, welcoming, moving forward, liberal and courteous country which makes it an ideal place to visit for the Europeans and other west. I traveled along with the country and found its culture, traditions, and everything very colorful and rich. As traveler, traveling to Morocco is a great opportunity, you should not miss it.

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