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Stay healthy during festive season with these healthy tips

October month is on the move with all major festivals buzzing around. It’s a time for family get together where we end up preparing feasts, plan for parties, visits our relative house, and many more things we would have marked in our to-do-list category. But, constant striking on outside foods and munching on calorie-rich foods can add inches to your waistline. Also, your stomach stores both visceral and subcutaneous fat, making you feel more tired and sluggish.

Of course, it is a rejoicing time for the entire family at the same you must keep a track of your health. What foods you need to take, when to take and how much you should take all matters a lot! The best mantra you can follow is to have healthy, balanced meal and to consume the food in moderation.  Here, we have listed out a few healthy tips which you can follow during this festive season to keep you fit and healthy! Just stay tuned and read on the article!

Healthy tips to follow this festive season:

There will be a lavish spread of mouth, licking snacks, sweets, and other food items rich in calories around you. It’s hard to say no to these foods and stick on to the diet chart during the festivals. Don’t add extra pounds to your weighing scale. Try the following strategies and stay healthy this festive season.

1. Pile your plate with more fruits and vegetables: Yes! This festival season don’t ignore to add your favourite vegetables and fruits as it is loaded with nutrients, minerals and fibres. Don’t be sceptical, just take a step forward and try to experiment various dishes with colourful veggies. If you cannot meet your daily recommended dosage, talk to your doctor and get your nutritional supplements prescribed based on your body needs. Don’t take any supplements on your own as certain supplements may interact with the medicines you’re taking. Buy OTC medicines online from the best online medicine store in India.

Pile your plate with more fruits and vegetables

2. Stick to your workout routine: Never miss your fitness session. It helps to stay fit and energetic, thorough out the day. So, motivate yourself and keep your routine on track. If you feel low, a workout partner may help you set back your goals in the right direction.  So, even if you just busy in festival preparations take time to step out for a small morning walk, jogging, or yoga and meditation.

Stick to your workout routine

3. Stay well hydrated: Drink more water to flush out the toxins. If you cannot drink more water, add a few sticks of mint or a slice of lemon to add flavours.   

Pile your plate with more fruits and vegetables

4. Control on your portion size: Binge eating is very commonly seen during the festive season. When you indulge in sweets, savouries, or main course foods, watch out for portion size.  Try to avoid deep-fried foods, oily foods and spicy foods.

Control on your portion size

5. Avoid having foods late night: During any festival occasion, we often have foods late at night. This makes us consume more food than usual, which ultimately leads us to weight gain. Late night eating can also cause various health issues like acid reflux which irritates your stomach lining. If you are feeling heartburn, difficulty or pain while swallowing call your doctor right away. Your doctor may prescribe medicine to ease the symptom. Order your medicines from any genuine online pharmacy store and get your medicines delivered with free doorstep delivery.Avoid having foods late night

6. Watch out your disease: If you are under the medications for diabetes, blood pressure, hormonal imbalances or any disease, ensure to have your medicines on time and in current intervals.  Keep track of your health regularly to stay fit and healthy.

Watch out your disease

7. Never skip your breakfast: One of the common mistakes we all often do during festival season is to miss our breakfast. If you skip it, then you consume more food during the next course of your meal. So, to avoid eating more, have frequent small meals at regular intervals.

Never skip your breakfast

The festive season is indeed a good time to bond with the families, friends and relatives. Counting of calories, adding more veggies, fruits and substituting sweets with other healthy option is the key to staying healthy. Keep your temptations under control and follow the above tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle during festivals.

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