10 Practical Tips for Umrah Journey to Keep in Mind

There are certain aspects in life where you question yourself why are you going in the particular direction or what will be the end of it?

What does it take to make sure that you engage in a good experience rather than having a bad one?

To avoid any mishaps, you have to make your decisions carefully, especially when it comes to travelling.

When Planning to Travel

It’s not hard to plan when it comes to travelling, but there are certain things you need to put your eyes on.

Any sort of travelling requires money, packing items and most important documents at the minimum. But when preparing for Umrah journey you have to be extra careful in this regard.

What’s so important about Umrah Journey?

It’s not just any typical journey. If you are looking for some peace and acceptability for yourself and to become a better person such holy journeys can make things smooth enough for you. Worshipping your religion shows how dedicated you are to your roots and values. Making decisions based on your values depicts you as a strong personality.

You can’t let anything ruin your moment

Indicating the main ideas in mind there are always some useful tips that come handy at such times. Expressing concerns is normal and you can easily vouch for some ways that will make your travelling and overall journey a better experience.

And of course, you always keep learning from your past experiences.

Let’s take a look at 10 practical tips that can assist you with your journey experience.

  1. Avoiding sunburn and heat

What can be a better way to protect yourself when you are constantly walking under the sun?

When packing for, remember to pack a load of sunscreen bottle that can ward of extra sunlight on your skin. It’s really easy to get a tan even if you are covered from head to toe in abayas (gown) but your hands and face are still uncovered and the dust can pretty much damage the skin.

So it’s better to be careful and not get too much of sunburn otherwise it may deteriorate your pilgrim.

  1. Packing Ihram

When it comes to packing ihram in your luggage, remember to put two sets in with the rest of the items.


The heat of the day can cause excessive sweating and it’s easy for the cloth to get dirty too. to remain hygienic through your pilgrim and to avoid getting sick or looked down upon, is always better to pack two sets of Ihram.

Likewise, packing two sets of everything else might come in handy too. Abaya can be replaced as well and so does the headscarf. It should be made from light material which makes head covering easy for women.

  1. Medical Attention is a Must

Keeping a medical aid kit is a must! It’s a basic survival instinct 101 to keep medicines with you whenever going on a journey.

You can easily get sick because of the change in the climate. Not only that but a change in time zone can very well affect your sleeping and eating patterns as well. Keeping some basic tablets and painkillers for an emergency is always fruitful in such conditions.

Cases of diarrhea are common as well so it’s best to be prepared with a medical aid box.

  1. Light Footwear

One common mistake that anyone can make on their first journey for Umrah is wearing open slippers.

Although slippers are mighty comfortable they can be slippery on the marble floor and let’s not forget that the sun is still shining bright and your feet can burn out as well.

Pack something light for the footwear but a sneaker of sorts can protect your feet from the extreme suntan and you can wear padded socks to avoid slipping on the marble floor and also if it seems too hard to walk on.

  1. Keeping Copies of Documents

Obviously, without your travel documents, you can go for an Umrah journey. While carrying a satchel or a shoulder bag with you make sure to keep your document copies intact but also keep another copy back in the hotel room, just in case you lose the hold on travel documents.

Keeping extra copies is a precautionary measure that can save loads of problems during your pilgrim.

Another precautionary measure is to scan your original documents and upload them to the drive. That way it’s safer and easy to access just in case you lose your documents and visa. It’s better to take certain caution than being sorry later.

  1. Get Prior Information

Before going to perform Hajj and Umrah, you need to have information beforehand. Listening stories is one thing but reading through a proper channel is advised so that you won’t feel lost and there’s no particular confusion of how to perform the pilgrim and you can narrow down the info to the basics or detailed ones.

It will help you throughout your journey and you can easily keep tabs on it. Downloading any app might be helpful as well.

  1. Memorize Duas

When you plan to go for Umrah journey it’s better to memorize certain duas that you have to recite during each phase. It will help you immensely as you won’t have to take hold of a book or repeat after someone.

Jogging your memory, it will keep you keen and sharp the whole time. Memorizing such duas is a good deed anyway and who knows where it may come handy.

  1. Beware of the Thefts!

Pickpocketing is common in public places. Even holiest of places are not exempted from such petty crimes.

Anyone can easily pickpocket you. Small items keep getting “lost” all the time. Even if you do get a token for your shoes (to take them off while praying) and they still tend to get lost or replaces by someone else’s shoes.

The best remedy for that can be to carry a small carrying bag in which you can put your shoes easily. It’s better to keep it locked even.

There’s no need of wearing any jewelry, the simpler attire is the safer you are from getting things stolen.

  1. Pack warm clothes

Saudi Arabia is a hot semi-arid country. winds are particularly scorching dry and it can easily be dishing you.

But even if you are visiting in summer, you will need to pack light but warm jackets. As most of the areas are surrounded by desert, it tends to get cold in night (as sand has no heat absorbing properties).

Always keep a pair of light and warm socks. When the needs call for it, keep light jackets in your carrying bag, when going to Mina and Arafat. You don’t want to get cold in of the most precious journeys ever.

  1. Travelling in Group

People feel more comfortable when travelling in the form of small or larger groups. You get the sense of safeguard, knowing you won’t get lost.

You can decide a common meeting point when going to perform different stages of a pilgrim and keep sharing each other’s live location to keep track of movements and vice versa. Going in pairs is a better option when travelling in a larger group.

Points to Ponder

Going for the best journeys of your life requires proper planning and such tips are extremely helpful in every regard.

Remember that, when in the crowd, either going for prayer or have to throw stones and such, never push through the crowd. Every pilgrim in Makkah is there for one sole reason; to perform their duty as a Muslim. So make sure that no one gets hurt in any way, taking care of such things will add more righteousness in your book.

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