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Online Dietitian: Essential Things to Know In Intuitive Eating

Dieting without proper guidance can be an unhealthy habit. You need to learn how to make peace with your body as you nourish yourself. Online dietitian advice people to learn intuitive eating. It will help you heal your relationship with your body and food.

Intuitive Eating 101

When practicing intuitive eating, you will learn how to approach health and food differently. It is has nothing to do with diets, eating discipline, meal plans, or willpower.

Intuitive eating will teach you how you will get in touch with your body signals. You will learn to trust your body around food especially if you feel hungry, full, or satisfied.

People are born as natural eaters.

A baby cries when he is hungry and stops when full. And as we grow older, we crave instinctively especially when we are hungry and stop when full.

But the things is most of us are counting our calorie intake and some are minding what foods are good for them and what is not.

In intuitive eating, you will learn how to not diet at all and put your focus to your intuition like hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. You will give yourself the freedom and unconditional permission to eat whatever you want without feeling the guilt after.

To further discuss intuitive eating, we listed ten (10) core principles that you should know in intuitive eating.

10 Core Principles of Intuitive Eating

  1. Rejecting the Diet Mentality

The first thing that you should do in intuitive eating is to forget the word “Diet” on your vocabulary.

You don’t have to limit yourself to eat what you want just because you want to lose your weight or maintain your figure. The act of dieting only increases the chance of you gaining weight. Get rid of all the books, articles, and magazines that talk about diets and how to quickly lose weight.

You will only get obsessed with finding new diet habits when you failed your current diet practices.

  1. Honour Your Hunger

As human beings, we all get hungry. You don’t have to stop and limit yourself from eating just because you are dieting. You need to feed your body with adequate energy and carbohydrates.

If you stop yourself from eating, you will only trigger your primal instinct to overeat. Once you feel this excessive hungriness, the thoughts of eating moderately will all go out of the window.

By recognizing your hunger, you will learn to rebuild the trust in yourself as well as in food.

  1. Make Peace with Food

Stop the fight between yourself and food. It is time to make a truce and give yourself the freedom to eat whatever you want.

If you are craving for some sweets and salty food, go for it.  In intuitive eating, you need to stop categorizing food as “Good Food” and “Bad Food”.

Stop the war of depriving yourself of eating it will only result in uncontrollable cravings and overeating.

  1. Challenge the Food Police

Chase the food police away. You need to learn how to fight the thoughts in your head that always screaming out loud “Stop! That food is bad for your diet.”

These thoughts are just results created by dieting. You need to learn how to view eating as normal.

  1. Feel Your Fullness

After letting yourself feel the freedom of eating, you also need to learn when to stop.

You need to recognize and honour your fullness. And you need to listen to your body signals that you are no longer hungry.

In intuitive eating, you need to observe the signs that you are already comfortable full. Eat slowly, pause partway, and check your body how full do you feel. You need to learn when to stop. In intuitive eating, it is not your goal to overeat.

You just have to learn to give yourself the freedom when you are hungry and stop when you are already full without the feeling of guilt.

  1. Discover the Satisfaction Factor 

Being physically full but not satisfied is possible. And with this, you tend to overeat more.

So, eating what you like in a place that is very inviting and conducive will give you the pleasure, satisfaction, and contentment.

It is a good feeling of eating with your mouth and eyes. It is more pleasurable and satisfying in eating your food while relaxing as well.

  1. Honour Your Feelings without Using Food in Intuitive Eating

Stress eating and emotional eating is one of the reasons that you can gain weight. Yes, your comfort food can help you relax, soothe, and cope up with your emotions.

But alongside this is that you will also gain weight. You need to learn how to cope up with your stress and emotions by using food for your comfort.

  1. Respect Your Body

Love and respect your body so that you will feel better and comfortable with who you are. If not, it will be hard for you to reject the diet mentality if you don’t accept who you are.

  1. Exercise – Feel The Difference

You don’t have to be a militant exercise enthusiast. Part of intuitive eating is being active and feeling the difference.

You don’t need to do a calorie-burning exercise but you just need to focus on how to feel to move your body. Waking up to exercise for the reason that you need to energize your body is much more motivating rather than doing it for the sake of losing weight, right?

  1. Honour Your Health with Gentle Nutrition

Feed your body with gentle and proper nutrition.

Eating satisfying food and making food choices that honour your health will make you feel better. You don’t have to eat healthy food for the sake of being healthy and depriving yourself of the food that satisfies your taste buds.

The consistency of what you eat over time is what matters in intuitive eating. Embrace gentle nutrition while honouring your health.

Ask Help from a Trusted Registered Dietitian In Austin, TX

If you want to learn how to nourish yourself while healing your relationship with your body and food, you can consult a registered dietitian to guide you.

Here at Liz Brown Nutrition, you can learn an intuitive eating habit. Liz Brown is a registered and licensed dietitian that resides in Austin, Texas that offers online dietitian counseling services both virtually worldwide and locally.

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