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How Chabot Can Help to Grow Business and Improve Customer Experience

Chatbot for Your Business


For some years, the popularity of chatbots has exploded in the marketing sphere. It has transformed the landscape for customer interaction and has grown as a buzzword in marketing.

It has been extensively used by the businesses to give proactive assistance to their clients. Chatbots have changed the way brands communicate with customers, and when it is of high quality, the change will definitely be positive.  Chatbot developers are highly dedicated to making it more effective for business. 

According to the recent stats, 

  • Live chat software has a 73% satisfaction rate to communicate with business experts. 
  • 64% of internet users have said that 24X7 is the most reliable chatbot feature.
  • 55% of the respondents stated that they like to get a prompt reply and responses to their simple questions 
  • It is predicted that till 2020, 85% of the customer interaction will be managed without a human agent
  • 58% of the enterprises that are experiencing chatbots are B2B tech
  • It is estimated by 67% of the businesses have a belief that chatbots will beat mobile apps in the next five years.

From a survey of Oracle, it is analyzed that 80% of the brands are planning to acknowledge chatbots by 2020.  

The chatbots refine the customer satisfaction rate by enhancing the engagement time, response time and the customer’s interests. The main characteristics that made chatbots famous are:

  • supporting brands build a factual brand image
  • develop stronger relationships with customers
  • give extremely personalized experiences.

Ubisent has studied that 35% of the customers desire to merge with the companies that are using chatbots. We are here to assist you with how chatbots can give you benefits to boost the business and to gain more customer experience. Let’s get started!

Enhance your customer experience and expand your business with chatbots

Cuts down on the operational cost

You can reduce the operational cost of your business using chatbots. Almost 265 billion customer support requests are made that cost around $1.3 trillion. You can save nearly 30% of the value as per the reports by Chatbot magazines. Chatbots are not going to replace human agents. 

But they will give extra help and support to respond to the queries to provide better customer experience. 

It would be costly for the companies to hire an employee that can work for them 24X7X365. So, the best option you can go with is to use chatbots as it can reduce the cost and can improve customer service. 

Seamless live chat

The customers can communicate with a chatbot the comparable way they like to chat with live customer support employees. Therefore, it can be said that the learning curve of the customers for chatbot engagement is tenuous. Several chatbots acknowledge Natural language processing (NLPs) to examine the customer’s queries and for giving them a response to fulfill their requirements.

Chatbots don’t disappoint the customers

Who does not like to test and work on the latest trends and technologies? People always crave to explore the technology and when it is about the chatbots, who would not want to miss the chance?? No one!

 As per the survey, approximately 44% of the customers like to use chatbots over the agents for the queries they have. Though, the businesses always assure to give a smooth and transparent experience by:

  • Focussing on branding than some random affairs
  • Offering good linguistics
  • Offering well-formulated tasks
  • Bug-free and professional
  • Providing adequate answers/solutions to the customer’s queries
  • Seamless solutions

Progressive avenues

The effective chatbots are known to deliver regular avenues for sales and marketing with its consistent marketing strategies:

  • The chatbots can give customers the critical shopping advice according to their purchasing history and preferences and improve customer engagement effectively.
  • It sends the proper notifications by predicting customer behavior. So, customers can get notifications whenever updated.
  • It does not let customers wait in any way. Chatbots are known for giving support to their customers 24X7 and guide them for every query.
  • Chatbots can be accessed by everyone anywhere. It can reach out to various social media ways.
  • The chatbots can gain customer attention by checking the historical communications, collect and examine the customer feedback and data. Therefore, it could be used to communicate efficiently with your brand in the right way and to the right people. 

Less stress

According to one of the surveys, it has been examined that 94% of the users felt irritated while communicating with customer support. Though, some of the enterprises are following methods, such as automated telephone menus and overseas operators, etc. to ease the task. 

But, it is still not satisfying the customers and not solving everyone’s queries. Therefore, choosing chatbots not only reduces your stress but also meet every customer’s specific questions. 70% of the customers have examined that:

  • It reduces the time to solve the issues
  • It decreases the time to get a customer on a phone
  • And, streamlines every operation related to customer services

No more Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Customers do not like to listen to the IVR while the customer service process. It usually demands the questions and operates the call to the customer according to the voice response. These are more structured and transmit the customer with every reaction until it enters the pre-programmed state. 

When it is about chatbot, it less frustrates you. It let you feel that your voice is understood and listened to. Chatbots assists you by answering the queries according to past situations or by directing you to the human agent.

Showcases new offers and services

Chatbots are best for delivering essential services to their customers and advertises your business. They have the ability to reach a broad audience. It does not prefer the cold calls and reduces the customer’s annoyance with friendly customer contact. It creates a favorable basis with the notifications to give new services and products to the customers. 

The notifications can only be sent to those who have an interest and do not let them get irritated. All these details make chatbots an excellent platform for providing new services and products to the customers. 

Improves the nature of marketing

When you are in business, the primary goal is to boost marketing and to reach potential customers. Using the existing methods make it tough to examine and predict customer preferences and interests. 

Accordingly, the chatbots have transformed the way the marketing endeavors and build a customer service strategy. The chatbots build healthy customer relationships and make the customer interested in buying the products. It examines the customer behavior and traces customer’s interest to send them only those notifications that are according to their interests. 

Fulfill customer expectations and improves branding

The chatbots are designed in such a way that it can assist customers in every corner of this sphere. It gives excellent compatibility and friendly communication with the customers. The primary requirement of customers is that they want quick and useful replies. Chatbots provides:

  • Prompt response to the customers
  • Regular interaction
  • Information related to the discount offers or the products and keep them interested
  • A personal experience to the customers 

Wrapping Up

We have mentioned every factor that can insist you to practice chatbots right away. It is sure that the points will enhance customer retention and will boost your branding. Now, it is time to start the customer service game with chatbots. It is definite that the future of chatbots is bright!!

We hope you liked this article. Let us know if there will be any queries and suggestions in the comment section below. And if you are practicing chatbots, then do share your experience with us. Happy reading!!


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