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Best Ways to Stop Thinning Hair

The Necessity Of Thick, Sheen Hair

We all want our hair to be healthy and thick. One’s hair makes or breaks his physical appearance, and that is why we all want it to be in good form and texture. Tresses represent an individual’s style, and therefore, if your hair lies on the thinner side of the lock scale, it might be a cause of worry.

What Do We Mean By Thinning Hair And What Causes It?

The thinning of hair is a slow process that involves moderate hair loss. It results in lesser hair volume and appearance of thinner spots on the scalp.
However, dotting the causes of hair thinning and rightly treating it is not at all a difficult errand.

From stress to hormonal issues to genetics, there are several factors responsible for dwindling hair. Some of these are:

  1. Bad lifestyle habits- Receding hair can be attributed to Nutritional deficiencies. Hence, it is important to teach the intake of healthy hair vitamins and essential minerals in your routine diet.
  2. Medical Reasons- Genetics and aging contribute to thinning of hair almost equivalently, and these determinants are beyond our control.
  3. Hormonal imbalances – Women with PCOS tend to have thinner hair on the head, and so do the People who stress a lot.
  4. Over-treating- Color and chemical treatments along with overusing hair products like shampoos, gels, and dyes contribute excessively towards thinner strands.

What Are The Best Ways To Control Thinning Hair?

Home remedies- Massaging and oiling your hair regularly is quite essential. This is one of the most effective methods to bring back your hair to its former form. Lavender oil is considered to be a sterling remedy since there are no side effects to applying essential oils.

Be Gentle With Your Hair

  • Prefer combing over-brushing. A wide-tooth comb is the best way to untangle.
  • Alcohol can be damaging to your hair, thus make sure that your shampoos and conditioners are free from the alcohol content.
  • Try drying your hair naturally and use lesser pieces of equipment that make them brittle (dryer, curler,etc.)

Proteinate And Muti-Vitaminize

  • Eating disorders and imbalanced diet make hair rough. Make sure your diet includes sufficient protein and iron.
  • Biotin, Folic acid supplements, and essential fatty acids along with other vitamins for healthy hair should be irrevocably included in your routine to promote well-nourished and voluminous hair.

Here are a bit more details to the significance of these healthy hair vitamins-

  • VITAMIN D – Vitamin D helps hair reset its growth phase. Henceforth, being exposed to sunlight once in a while, is always advisable.
  • Omega 3 and omega-6 fatty acids- These acids can’t be produced by human bodies but explicit intake of these benefits the scalp invincibly.
  • Vitamin B-7 – Biotin, found in lentils and nuts, is an extremely important vitamin for thinning hair treatment. Another vitamin that human hair loves is Vitamin B-12.
  • Amino Acids – Egg therapy and coconut oil treatment help retain the lust and heaviness of hair, and this is because these ingredients are protein-rich. These elements are not only restricted to the physical application, but even the consumption of these is advantageous to your hair.


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