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How the Concoction of Science & Technology Changed Everyone’s Opinion?

What does ‘science and technology’ mean? Is it what you see around yourself such as fan, LED and more stuff? 

If you think, this is what science and technology, and then you are wrong. The true definition of science and technology is…

It is a tight rope in which you are walking between blind faith and curiosity, bias and openness, ambition and passion, arrogance and conviction OR between an OLD TODAY and a NEW TOMORROW. 

Science and technology is directly proportional to a nation’s development. Countries that have enhanced it are more developed as compare to those who are yet to hug it. The world we are watching today is the outcome of the advanced technology.

People have never expected that they can move from one to another place within a minute and can operate many things with the help of a Smartphone. It totally has changed the human’s perspective towards science.

Modern technology made this possible to develop high technical devices such as:

  • Electric car
  • Smart watch
  • Smartphone and list goes on…

It not only brings comfort to your life but also contributes to the nation’s development too.

In earlier times, people hardly know about what is happening in their country. But now, the stats show that information shared over social media (3.5 billion users) is phenomenal. Within a second, you can share any piece of information with billions of people.

Many areas have influenced by science and technology. We have discussed so important categories. Let’s have a look at them…

  • Communicate

In earlier times, people had to send a letter to their friends and relatives. And it was difficult to check it that letter has reached the exact address or not. But after introducing the phone, everything gets changed. The ways we are using our cell phone is drastically transformed.

Nowadays, you can send the message over Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. Or, you can easily communicate with anyone and at any time. You can contact your friends, who stay outside your country. In this situation, you can use Wi-Fi for communication.

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  • Television

Technology has changed the whole concept of television. People in earlier days watch television shows at a particular time and have to wait for long hours in front of that box. But, now television is shrinking into a small size that you can easily carry anywhere.

Applications like YouTube, where you can watch millions of videos at any time. And you do not have to wait for a perfect time. You can enjoy your programme while travelling somewhere. This is all happening because of technology.

  • Reading books

You can carry a single book easily but what will happen when you need more than one? It seems difficult to carry them. But with the help of E-books, you can carry more than a thousand books within your phone. You can access them whenever you want to read.

And there are millions of online books already present whether it is fiction or based on a true story. You can pass your time with reading books. If you love to read different novels, then you can download various applications where you can read all of them for free. You do not have to pay a single penny.

  • Paying bills

People often forget to pay their bills on time because of their tight schedule. It may add some additional bucks as a late charge. Sometimes it is frustrating and exhausting that people have to wait for a long hour to pay their utility bills.


Now, you can easily pay your bills whenever you want to. Paying methods are available online. You can pay any bills whether it is related to your household or some external bills. Everything is accessible on hand. And the best part is that you can receive some cashback too.

  • Shopping

There are many online companies such as Amazon where you can buy the product with the help of Smartphones. You can buy various products such as furniture, clothes, appliances, and many more. And the best part is that these companies provide flexible payment methods.

You can either choose CASH-ON-DELIVERY or ONLINE PAYMENT. It becomes possible just because of the help of technology.

Technology is not ending here. The future of science and tech is even more interesting than what is happening right now. You cannot imagine a life without technology. It would be better if we embrace it rather than being overwhelmed.

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