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How to Improve Salon Customers Experience With Software

Customer satisfaction is the single driver to keep your salon & spa business keep growing. If you fail in satisfying your valuable customers then there is no chance to take your salon business to the next level. What most of the salon owners do is simply promote and advertise their salon through various modes whether it is social media or communication with the individual through chat, messages, and emails. Nothing will work until your customer is not properly aware of your salon services and background of your salon. So, it’s crucial to maintain that reputation and image in front of your customers to convince them of taking your services and keep coming back for more. You may find several tricks to keep happy & satisfied your customers but the benefits a salon software can give you nobody can beat that. 

Here are the best things that you need to work on for improving your salon & spa customer’s experience using sap software. 

  • Show Your Clients Some Love:

Salons and spa businesses that utilize social media like Instagram to show off their customer’s new look have an advantage over those that don’t. With social media platforms, valuable customers can see a portfolio of sorts when they’re deciding where to go to for taking services, and existing customers see how their stylist is enthusiastic about their new style. Try to capture “before and after” images of your valuable clients and post the images to your business Instagram account, make feel your clients happy, comfortable and satisfied with your services. Apart from that, sharing the finished products of your services and images of your clients, it helps promote your staff’s talent and encourages clients to give you a shout out on social media. 

  • Provide The Best Client Consultation:

Providing your client with a polite & healthy consultation is absolutely important to ensure your service is top-notch. Your salon & spa business work may be spectacular but if it isn’t what your customers wanted or asked for, they won’t be happy & satisfied with the result and chances are they won’t come back. So take the time to actually listen to your clients.  If you cannot talk to them personally, use salon software to know their suggestions and viewpoints about your services. You will so much such software that helps you get in touch with your valuable clients in a simple & hassle-free manner. Not fully understanding your customers’ needs is a sure-fire way to lose a customer to your competitor.  

  • Offer Package Deals:

By offering package deals, discount offers and coupons on your salon services you are guaranteeing repeat visits from your valuable customers. Not only do your customers feel like they are getting the best version of your services at an economical price but you are also giving yourself the extra advantage of cementing a healthy relationship with each visit. Consistency works here as a key to happy clients. By showing your customers how each of their visit is as good as their last one can really count towards increasing client retention. Sending automatic discount offers messages and emails through salon & spa software can help you amaze your customers. 

  • Measure Client Retention Success:

Once you’ve got your strategies and ways to improve customer satisfaction levels in place, you need to work dedicatedly on what is and isn’t working to increase salon client retention to measure success. To achieve this, you should start to measure your results. Needn’t work hard, just set a monthly/quarterly time-frame to regularly check the number of customers visited or not visited to reach your targeted goals. Utilize the salon & spa software reporting feature to measure your client retention. You can even break this down by measuring individual staff member’s client retention. One thing that you never forget is to keep track of your appointments, re-booking and pre-booking rates as these are essential factors to increase salon client retention.

Well, satisfying clients can be quite daunting if you are not aware of the right tricks to work on. But using salon & sap software like Salonist, you can easily manage your customers’ data, track their all records, happy them by offering personalized discount and satisfied them for the next visits. 


To get most of your salon & spa business, customers play an important role in business success. If you are not satisfying your customers then chances are you are losing the chance to stand in the top salon & spa business owners list. So, instead of wasting time to look out for the stupid ways to keep happying your customers just purchase Salon management software. Salon & spa management software has the power to keep your customers happy & satisfied all the way they come and get your services.

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