Car Detailing Mistakes One Must Avoid!

If you are one of those new DIY enthusiasts then this post is just for you. Don’t consider this post as a person who keeps telling one ‘how are you doing it wrong’ but an utterly polite person who is suggesting their view regarding how it can be done in a much efficient way. There are several mistakes that are committed by the newbie to this process as it is actually not so easy to replicate the things we see on the videos. Car detailing is an important part of maintaining your car’s health and look and hence, it will be beneficial for you to retain these below-mentioned tips whenever you are up for car detailing

Unfitting Practices: Detailers prefer to wash and fix their car in the natural sun light which is absolutely a big no-no. This is the first thing you must avoid when detailing as the heat will dry the soap and hence it will be difficult for you to remove the water spots. Also, as most people go from top to bottom when cleaning, but the car is different fellows and it is imperative for you to clean the wheels and chassis first then move to the upper body of your vehicle. It is vital for you to wash the car in an efficient manner.

Unsuitable Wax Applications: It is highly recommended to use the best wax applicators and not to utilize the old rags. This means, avoid those products that can cause damage to your car. Those who utilize liquid wax must avoid pouring it on the car directly as it might lead to uneven streaks or even discoloration. Thus, pour the recommended amount on to the applicator and apply or polish thoroughly.

Not Employing Microfiber Cloth: It is important for you to use the microfiber towels whenever you are cleaning your vehicle. Nothing else! Microfiber towels are delicate and soft on your car’s surface unlike those rags, this means, no scratches or swirls on your car. They are highly absorbent and hence will clear out any spot or dirt or water residues.

If you feel that there is so much to take care of then you can simply sign up your can for a car detailing or car wash appointment. It is beneficial and cost-effective for you to let an expert handle and clean your car for you. They can help retain your car’s beauty.


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