How to Get Roku Activation Code?

There are several activation issues that could occur while setting up your Roku device.
Listed below are some steps that you can use for obtaining your Roku Activation Code and troubleshooting errors during the activation process:

To Get a New Roku Activation Code:
To begin with, set up your roku device using Setup roku guidelines
Connect your home TV with the Roku device using an HDMI cable. Plug in one end of the cable to the Roku set up box and the other end of the cable to your TV
Select the relevant HDMI option using the input button on the remote control
Choose your desired language and follow the onscreen instructions to continue to the next step
To connect to your network, you can choose either the wireless or wired option:
For the wireless:

Connect to your wireless network by entering the password

After establishing an internet connection, Sign in to your Roku account

The Roku activation link code will be automatically displayed on the screen

Your Roku device will be activated once you submit your activation code. The screen will also update itself automatically.
If you do not have a roku com link account, sign up and fill the required information to create an account.
Error while entering roku com link enter code on the website:
Go to your Roku device and click on ‘Help’ to get a new roku activation code

Once you have the new code, go back to Roku.com/link and enter it in the space provided for the purpose
If the Roku device stuck on the link code screen:
Sometimes, your Roku device may get stuck during the installation process on the link code screen. In such a case:
You just have to complete all the instructions on the website during your Roku device activation to overcome this issue
Try entering your Roku activation code again
To find a lost Roku Activation code:
If you are unable to find the Roku activation code on the display:
Go to the ‘Help’ section
Here, try to generate a new code
The Roku activation code takes some time to update itself in the Roku com link account; Wait few minutes till the code is displayed
Now, restart your Roku streaming device for the Roku activation code to be updated automatically.
The activation code will appear only if the device is connected to the internet.
For more guidelines, go to www roku com link

Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are three major manufactures of Streaming device with Roku being the most versatile of those devices. You can now follow the above guidelines to troubleshoot the sound problems in your device and visit our page at www.rokucoms.com or call us at +1-855-203-0401 for more information.

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