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5 Essential Winter Makeup Tips To Prevent Dry Skin

Winter can be a really harsh time for your skin, leaving it looking or feeling dry and dull. No matter how many layers you bundle up under, it can be hard to protect your face from the cold and harsh winds. Fear not!  We’ve got some essential winter makeup tips to keep your skin looking good and feeling good.


Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise!


If you didn’t catch the emphasis, moisturising is a must! Prevent dry skin by moisturising before any makeup routine, as well as after showering or cleansing your face. This maximises the moisture that your skin locks in.


One of the most important winter makeup tips or any makeup tips in general is to remember to let the moisturiser lotion absorb into your skin before applying any makeup! This allows for a smoother application leaving your skin looking dewy without being cakey. If your skin starts to feel dry or look dull throughout the day, you can always opt for a facial spray or mist for quick hydration.


Use Hydrating Foundations


The type of foundation you use as well as how you apply it can really be the make or break in whether your skin looks dull or dewy. Prevent dry skin or flakiness by switching to creamier foundations instead of matte foundations, if you haven’t already. Cream-based foundations allow for a much smoother application that leaves your skin not only looking dewier but also looking more evenly blended in.


Minimise Your Powder Products


As great as powder products can be, some of them don’t do justice for your skin in the winter. The powder can make your skin look extremely dull, flaky or overly pale. Our winter makeup tip is to trade your powders and mattes with cream-based or luminous products instead. This will have a major effect on your makeup routine, not only to prevent dry skin but also allowing you to glow even in the midst of harsh winter conditions.


Prep & Protect Your Eyes


Alongside the runny noses, your eyes may also get a little teary very from time to time from the cold. That isn’t the most ideal when you’re mascara or eyeliner. The best makeup tip here would be to consider investing in waterproof or smudge proof products, the best quality ones will guarantee to keep your look from getting messy. Also, make sure to prime the eyelids to prevent your eye makeup from smearing.


Don’t Forget About Your Lips


Your lips may be the easiest part of your face to become dry, and may also be the most obvious to see when they start getting flaky. The cold winter weather is a common enemy for dry or flaky lips, which in turn prevents you from smoothly applying your lipstick.


It is important to keep your lips hydrated and exfoliated, this will assist in eliminating the dryness as well as improving tones and textures.


Winter can prove to be a difficult time for your skin, so it is very important to take care of it and keep it moisturised. As the weather changes, it also might be necessary to change up your makeup routine to adapt. Be kind to your skin, help it out as much as you can to fight against the drier conditions.


Follow our winter makeup tips to achieve the ultimate flawless look!


I’m Jenny – an avid beautician that loves and is interested in all things beauty and makeup related. I currently help out at Diamond Nail Supplies which is a beauty supply store in Australia that specialises in professional nail products. I would love to hear your tips and experiences!

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