Homeowners Guide for Pest Control Methods

Pests were quite known for damaging furniture, clothing, and human health. Some of these are eye and skin irritation, cough, nausea, diarrhea, extreme weakness, and even death. One of the great solutions that we can have is to know pest control methods. This is to help our homes safe and sound from rodents and other pests that can cause great damage.

Several pest control methods will keep you from being disturbed and invaded by rodents. Follow these methods and your furniture, clothing, garden, and health will be secured every day.

Important Pest Control Method That You Should Know

Hygienic Method

Does this sound familiar?

The first pest control method is proper personal and home hygiene. Everything starts with you! So, if you want to avoid pests to cause damage everywhere in your home, including your health, you can start it with a hygienic method.

Pests are a very fan of leftover foods. Start cleaning your kitchen. Clean everything that is involved with cooking, eating, and washing dishes.

Clean every appliance and kitchenware you have used and make sure to securely seal your food storage

Biological Method

This pest control method is considered to be a natural solution because, in this method, no pesticide and other chemicals were not involved.

Natural predators, like ladybugs, were used a long time ago by gardeners seeking to control a population of pests without involving any chemicals.

Physical Method

Trapping, killing, and removal of insect and rodent pests are part of the physical pest control method.

This method includes:

  • Eliminating breeding grounds (such as dark places and wherever food is present)
  • Poison bait – a highly effective method of pest control. (Two states: granules and gel or jelly)
  • Trap cropping
  • Traps
  • Field burning

WARNING: If you want to use this kind of pest control method and you have children in your home, make sure to take it away from them, make it inaccessible for them.

Chemical Method

The most effective and used pest control method is using chemical pesticides. There are also different types of chemical pesticides but regardless of its different types, carefully read instructions because it is highly toxic. If not properly use, may cause harmful effects to your health.

These are types of chemical method:

  • Insecticides
  • Rodenticides
  • Fumigation
  • Heat treatment

Gardeners use this type of pest control method because it is inexpensive, more reliable, and fast-acting. But chemicals used can leave a residue to plants and may cause harmful effects to a person’s health.

Pest Control Method Safety Precautions

Whatever kind of method you will use to protect your home and family, always remember to use safety precautions.

  • Always read and follow the instructions given on the packaging of a product.
  • Limit using pesticides. Use it whenever needed and use it to affected areas by pests properly.
  • When applying treatments, open all doors and windows to get rid of any lingering chemical smells.
  • Keep away from children’s, harmful products and put labels if needed.

Taking care of your home is as important as taking care of your family. You take care of your home and family by not letting anything that can disturb, damage, or hurt them in any way, even an insect or pests.

If you cannot handle these things alone or need some help from experts. Look for Pest Control Services that will keep your home from any harm and damage caused by rodents and pests.


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