Car Service Haywards Heath: Does My Car Need A Tire Balancing?

Tire balancing is one of the car services that a garage and car service center provide. But as a car owner, when is it the right time for you to avail this service?

Tire balancing is a car service wherein a professional car mechanic tune-up your wheel-tire set. It involves the application of lead, zinc, or non-lead weights to the planes of your tire rim from inside and out. And this car service is very important in assuring the best performance of your car.

Tire Balancing 101

As you drive your car more often, it loses its balance. This can happen when your car tires tread wear-off which causes the sharing of weight around the tire to change. And these changes can lead to unusual shaking and vibration feel as you drive your car between 60-70 miles per hour.

An unbalanced front-tire can cause vibration to feel to the steering wheel. And if the rear tire is the unbalanced one, then you will experience a noticeable tremor on the back seat and floor.

Reasons why your tire get out of balance

  1. It wears down and started to take on a different shape.
  2. You are using an “economy tire”. This type is usually poorly constructed or not made in quality material.
  3. Road condition – snowy and muddy road. The snow and mud that clumps and builds up around the rim can cause an imbalance to your tire.

Signs that your car needs tire balancing car service

  • You feel too much vibration on your steering wheel especially when you step on the gas pedal to speed up.
  • You’ve heard a buzzing and humming noise that comes with the vibration. And if you hear this unbalanced tire noise is getting louder, then it is the time to call a car service company.
  • Your tire has already served its purposes and worn-out.
  • Just because your tires are new it doesn’t mean that it is balances already. New tires need to be corrected through wheel balancing. There might be minor weight variations and rim variation that can cause unbalance to your tire.
  • As we’ve mentioned earlier, your road condition is a great factor that causes unbalance tire. If you keep hitting potholes and constantly getting into and out of rough terrain, it is highly recommended to have it checked by a car service professional.
  • Tire pressure can also make your tire imbalance. Once your tire is losing its pressure then the more chances that you driving will be unbalanced as well. If you set this aside and continue to drive, then the more you need to have your tire balance check after you correct your pressure issue.

Your tires can last longer if you properly maintain it. Your tire wear can evenly by having a proper distribution and adjustment of the tire weight around your vehicle. One of the benefits that you will get from a tire balancing is that it provides you a smoother ride than an unbalanced tire.

High-quality and excellent car service in Haywards Heath

So to solve your tire balance problem, a car service company can be recommended to balance your tire with a tire rotation or have an oil change. And it is usually performed if you have driven an accumulative 5,000-6,000 miles or every six months. But you don’t have to balance it unless you experience any shaking or vibrations

Do you experience unusual shaking and vibrations on your car? Maybe you have an unbalanced car tire problem. Here at Haywards Heath Auto Centre, we offer you premier car service in Haywards Heath. Our technicians have over 30 years of experience in the car servicing industry. And we now continue to offer a main dealer

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