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New Updated H12-261 Real Exam Questions

From the news on Huawei official website, HCIE-Routing and Switching V3.0 is released on March 1, 2019. Some of Huawei H12-261 exam questions have been changed. Recently, we have updated Huawei H12-261 real exam questions, which contain 558 questions and answers. With out H12-261 real exam questions updated version, you can pass H12-261 exam easily and earn HCIE-Routing and Switching V3.0 certification.

To pass H12-261 exam in a short time, the following H12-261 exam key points, basic information and real exam questions are helpful in your preparation.

H12-261 Exam Key Points

With Huawei HCIE-Routing and Switching H12-261 exam key points, you can prepare and master H12-261 exam well. Share the details of H12-261 exam key points below.

Layer 2 Technologies 12%

IPv4/v6  Unicast 52%


IPv4/v6  Multicast 6%

Network Security 5%

QoS 5%

Network Management 2%

Features 3%

SDN 5%

From the above H12-261 exam key points, you can know that IPv4/v6 Multicast is the most important part, which occupies more than 50%. So if you want to prepare H12-261 exam well, you need to study IPv4/v6 Multicast well.

H12-261 Basic Information

Generally, there are about 60 questions in real H12-261 exam, and you have 90 minutes to complete the test. The required passing score of Huawei H12-261 exam is 600 (the total score is 1000). The H12-261 exam languages are Chinese Simplified/English/Spanish-Modern/French. Besides, H12-261 exam in Russian is also available.

H12-261 Real Exam Questions

Our new updated H12-261 real exam questions can help you test all the above H12-261 exam key points. Share some HCIE-Routing and Switching H12-261 real exam questions below.
1.Which of the following statements about BGP attributes are correct?
A. A path can only have one Community attribute value.
B. The number of the neighboring AS is displayed on the right side of the As Path list of the BGP routing entry.
C. The Local_Pref attribute is exchanged only between EBGP peers and is not advertised to the other ASs.
D. When a route learned from an EBGP peer is advertised to an IBGP peer, the BGP speaker does not change the Next_Hop attribute of the route.
Answer: D
2.You need to access the subnets of different VPNs in the VXLAN network. The information about a subnet is as follows: RT=10:10 RT=1000:1000 Export 1000 in the EVPN instance and RT-100:100 in the VPN instance. Which of the following configurations can I make for another subnet? (Multiple choice)
A. The EVPN instance is 1000:1000.
B. 1000:1000 appears in the VPN instance
C. 10:10 in the VPN instance
D. EVPN implement 1000: 1000 expor
Answer: BD
3.A number of transition techniques have emerged in the process of replacing an IPV4 address used in a network with an IPv6 address. These technologies are divided into two categories: one is IPV4/IPv6 coexistence technology, and the other is IPV4/IPV6 interworking technology. Which of the following options belong to IPV4/IPV6 coexistence technology? (Multiple choice)
A. NAT64
B. IPv6 over IPv4
C. Dual-stack
Answer: BCD
4.To which NMS ‘s SNMP message type event reports sent are reliable?
A. Response
B. Trap
C. Inform
D. Get
E. Get bulk
Answer: C
5.The bookstore provides a wired network for customers to learn online. However, some users suddenly cannot access the network. After troubleshooting, all IP addresses in the DHCP address pool are exhausted. Which of the following is the best way to solve the problem?
A. Configure a static ARP binding entry.
B. Configure IPSG
C. Configure DAI
D. Limit the maximum number of DHCP snooping binding entries that can be learned on the interface.
Answer: D
The above H12-261 sample questions are part of full version of H12-261 real exam questions. Use our new updated H12-261 real exam questions to pass the test successfully.

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