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How to Earn HCIP-Transmission Certification?

HCIP-Transmission certification is popular among those Huawei candidates. Transmission belongs to ICT technical architecture certification, which focuses on ICT basic software and hardware facilities and train professionals with infrastructure planning, construction and maintenance capabilities. In this article, we will share the information of how to earn HCIP-Transmission exam.


We all know that H31-341 exam is a required test for HCIP-Transmission certification. To be certified, you need to pass H31-341 exam. The following steps can help you clear HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 exam in a short time.

Learn H31-341 Basic Information

In real HCIP-Transmission H31-341 exam, there are about 60 questions. Candidates have 90 minutes to complete the test. The required passing score of H31-341 exam is 600 (total score is 1000). H31-341 test languages are Chinese and English. The exam Price is $300, which is much expensive.

Read H31-341 Key Points

H31-341 exam key points include a range of knowledge of NG WDM and some technical topics of MSTP. Share the details below.

6% I. NG WDM System Introduction

6% II. NG WDM Equipment Networking and Application

6% III. NG WDM Optical and Electrical Layer Grooming

3% IV. NG WDM Common Data Configuration

3% V. NG WDM Optical Layer Service Configuration

3% VI. NG WDM Electrical Layer Service Configuration

6% VII. NG WDM System Commissioning

3% VIII. NG WDM System Common Indicator Test

6% IX. NG WDM Protection Topic

6% X. NG WDM Equipment Routine Maintenance

6% XI. NG WDM Alarm Signal Flow

3% XII. NG WDM System Troubleshooting

2% XIII. Optical Doctor (OD) System Special Topic

2% XIV. Fiber Doctor (FD) System Special Topic

3% XV. NG WDM Packet Technology Introduction

3% XVI. MS-OTN Networking and Service Introduction

7% XVII. OptiX OSN 1800V Packet Service Configuration

3% XIX. MSTP Technology Topic – Clock Protection

3% XX. MSTP Technology Topic – ECC Maintenance and Pointer Adjustment

4.5% XXI. MSTP Technology Topic – PCM Technology

3% XXII. MSTP Board Replacement

1.5% XXIII. Discrete Service Analysis and Handling

1.5% XXIV. Ethernet Service Common Indicator Test

3% XXV. MSTP Equipment Troubleshooting

4.5% XXVI. ASON Intelligent Optical Network

Practice H31-341 Real Exam Questions

We have cracked the latest H31-341 real exam questions, which can help you test all the above key points. With our HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 real exam questions, you can pass the test in the first attempt. Share some Huawei H31-341 real exam questions below for you to practice.

1.Which of the following description of the DM12 board are correct? (Multiple choice)

A. One DX1 board can be used with two DM12

B. Access the NX6bit/s and sub-rate service signals through the DB28 connector on the DM12 board.

C. Electrical signal input and output interfaces for DDN, Unframed E1 and sub-rate services

D. Accessing G.703 64 kbit/s co-directional service signals through the DB44 interface on the DM12 board

Answer: ABD

2.Which of the following description of the AU pointer are correct? (Multiple choice)

A. The root cause of the AU pointer adjustment is that the clocks between the upstream and downstream stations are not synchronized.

B. Since the value of the AU-PTR pointer is placed in the last 10 bits of the two bytes H1 and H2, the valid value is 0~1023.

C. AU-PTR refers to the location of the J0 byte.

D. If the receiving end detects that the H1H2 byte is all “1”, the local end generates an AU-AIS alarm.

Answer: AD

3.Which of the following are not part of the 400G originating modulation technology?

A. Advanced oDSP algorithm

B. Multi-carrier generation and multiplexing

C. High-order modulation (xQAM)

D. FDDM/Nyquist spectrum compression technology

Answer: A

Register and Pass H31-341

Register HCIP-Transmission H31-341 exam at Pearson VUE test center. After practicing our HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 real exam questions, you can prepare and pass the test easily.

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