3 Ways to Seamlessly Introduce Cow’s Milk Into Your Child’s Daily Intake

As a toddler steps into the real world, taking in his/her surroundings and hanging on to every sound and sight, a healthy environment provides a helping hand for the little one to grow and develop. And nutrition is one of the most important factors a healthy environment must provide.
An infant’s first intake is typically the mother’s milk, which nourishes and nurtures the baby into toddlerhood. However, from the age of one, a child must also be exposed to more sources of nutrition, starting with the sweet and easily digestible cow’s milk. After breast milk, cow’s milk provides the highest levels of nutrients required for a child’s physical and mental growth. Milk delivery Gurgaon and in most other big cities in India ensures that cow’s milk is easily available to you and your child. Online milk delivery in Delhi and other cities is also a major option today. In this write-up, let’s take a look at some effective ways by which you can introduce cow’s milk to your one-year-old.




It’s natural for any foreign element introduced all of a sudden to cause some amount of resistance. The same goes with introducing cow’s milk to your toddler. Feeding cow’s milk directly to a child can have severe adverse effects. For starters, you could mix cow’s milk with breast milk – maintaining a 30:60 ratio of cow’s milk to breast milk respectively, and then slowly increase the proportion of cow’s milk with time.




One size never fits all, and one formula never fits all babies. While some babies are more open to warm and cold milk, some others may like it either lukewarm or cold. While introducing cow’s milk to your child, it’s best to experiment with different temperatures and observe whether your child has any specific preferences concerning the same.




While cow’s milk is a very nourishing source of intake for your child, he/she may take some time to adjust to its taste in its basic form. Cow’s milk blends extremely well with other natural and healthy foods your child can digest easily. Mashing a tender fruit such as banana or Chiko (sapota) and mix it with milk and a pinch of sugar and feed it to your child. Powdered millet or ragi mixed with milk and banana is also a wonderful source of nutrition for your little one. You could even mix milk with instant baby cereals available in the market and feed it to your child in small quantities twice a day.

While desi cow’s milk is extremely nourishing for your child during the formative years, some children may react adversely to it at first – in the form of allergies or stomach problems. However, most children (unless they are allergic to milk) adapt to cow’s milk by the time they turn two. The key is to persevere while also taking it very slow and gentle with your little one.

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