The Most Expensive Cities in the World

The Most Expensive Cities Of the World Are....

In the journey of growth and development, some parts of the world have emerged as the most expensive cities. They catch the attention of the news channels at the international level due to their expensive lifestyle.

Are you also living in one among them? Then you can relate to this.

Why some cities become expensive?

This is perhaps because their multiple features make them suitable for attaining future goals. Maybe they are perfect to live and grow and have a better tomorrow in every aspect of personal and professional life. People are ambitious in fact, over-ambitious and they are gathering in certain areas of the planet, in the search of betterment. Such places are in conversation because of their beauty or some cultural value. These areas, due to being so much in demand, become the most expensive cities.

Here comes the list…

Paris, France

Awesome!! Talk about fashion and you cannot miss this place. Talk about the profession, this city is unavoidable and tourism, again Paris wins the hearts. Everything here is expensive. Food, drink, utility bills, transport, rent, pick anything and it lightens your pocket for a huge amount. Living here is possible only if you have good financial backing and also a fat income figure.

New York, United States

Oh oh, don’t even think to miss it. You are, after all, talking about one of the most happening places in the United States of America. Here, the average rent is $3,783 and price of a home is $1.36 million. People from all over the world come here to have a great career and personal life. Many more yearn to come here, as New York is the dream city for many.

Sydney, Australia

Also known as the Emerald City (on the name of a play written by David Williamson), Sydney is also among the most desired cities. It is frequently seen in the movies and charms people for its sun-bathed beaches. It is also a promising place to make a career in Analytics management, cloud engineering, construction management, Information Technology etc. But every good place has a cost and Sydney cannot be an exception.

Copenhagen, Denmark

It is ranked among the healthiest travel destinations. If you are looking for a healthy change, this city is always open. But do not forget to keep an extra lot of money as it is also among the most expensive city. This different thing about Copenhagen is, it is known for having its name in the list of most expensive taxi services in the world. The life here is surrounded by modern world amenities and luxuries.

Geneva, Switzerland

This city catches attention due to its high-cost lifestyle. Why go for big things, start with the small ones. The average cost for women’s haircut is $90.21. Will you now prefer to keep your hairs long Madam? Ha Ha! That is a joke but in reality, if you want to stay here you need to have deep pockets. Life is full of zeal here. You will always find the residents of this city talking on the ways of how better they can manage their finances with the help of taking out short term loans from direct lenders in the UK. Those who succeed in this, stay here for long and even get settled. Those who miss managing the money, find some other place. Life is good in other cities too, but it is just the desire and needs to be in a certain place.

Cost of living index – Mid 2019

Take a look at the cost in the cities (discussed above) in the current year. This will help you make a clear decision on which city suits best to your financial capacity.

City Cost of living index Rent index Cost of living + rent index Groceries index Restaurant price index Local purchasing index


85.42 46.84 66.98 77.22 86.37 78.59
New York


100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 100.00


79.74 55.42 68.11 70.43 74.77 110.19


87.06 46.58 67.70 65.33 105.73 101.04


122.30 69.18 96.90 118.83 123.14 115.89

  Source: – numbeo

According to the change in the economy, the name of the cities keeps changing in the list of the cost of living. The one that is most expensive may get replaced by the other. For instance – after the big recession of 2008, New York lost its spark and tag for having one of the most lavishing lifestyles.

Money is the fuel of the human world and it will keep driving the world. You need to decide your own priorities and see what is important for your personal life goals. Do not come in peer pressure and choose the city that serves best to your needs as well as desires that you have for the future.

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