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ANKLE SUPPORT BRACES: Reason to Wear One in Any Sports Activities

There are different kinds of ankle support braces available in the market. And you’re free to select one based on what level of injury you have or the amount of support that you desire.

We mostly support every kind of sports or activities we love; sometimes we do participate for it as a player. But when you injure your ankle in an activity that requires fast-paced weight changes, using extra support can ensure that your ankle stays protected.

This is where the importance of wearing an ankle brace comes in.

Your physician or physical therapist can recommend you a specific ankle brace that suits to your needs. And there are reasons why you need to wear this not only just because you had an injury, but also for your weight protection. The section below will explain and show why ankle support braces are essential when participating in sports.

Top Reasons Why to Wear Ankle Support Braces

  • The Type of Support That You Need

Ankle support braces is a protective device that is made of stretchy or stiff fabric which features a metal or plastic supports. Most ankle braces are pulled on while others are lace-up or use Velcro straps.

With this, it offers the least protection which is pull-on braces that do not feature reinforcements. These kinds of braces are instead used for firmness, helping to minimize inflammation of the injury. Aside from that, there are more supportive ankle braces that are used to prevent injury with its reinforcements on either side of the ankle. Your physical therapist will have a big role to modify what suits for you.

  • Pain Sprain Prevention

When you have this ankle sprain, you will feel an explainable pain, this is where your ankle rolls toward the sole of the foot, which causing a pain. If you felt or experienced a sprain, it is advisable to wear ankle support that has plastic or metal backings on the outside of the ankle. This is good to supports the injured ligaments on the ankle’s outside.

Sometimes eversion sprains happened, but this is less common, it just occurs when the foot rolls outward, that results in a sprain. Hence, this kind of injury requires an ankle brace which features support on the inside as well as outside.

  • It Supports You Injured Part For Long Days And Weeks

Once we’re injured, we consult a physical therapist to ease the pain, and they might offer you to wear ankle braces for weeks. And depending on how severe is your injury; you will usually wear a brace anywhere from 10 days to six weeks.

So, it is recommended to continue to wear the ankle braces as long as you experience swelling, instability or severe pain in the ankle. What’s good in ankle knee support is you can just wear your socks with it.

  • Ankle support braces avoid future foot injuries

Did you ever experience multiple ankle sprains? If you do, then you might want to wear an ankle brace as a preventive measure. Ankle bracing would be a lesser expensive option to a regular taping.

So, it is much advisable to wear the brace every time you participate in athletic activity to stabilize the ankle and provide support and protection to prevent ankle injury. The ankle brace should be tight enough and worn properly to support your foot, but not so tight that you lose blood circulation on your skin. You can ask your PT for the proper instruction of wearing it.

Choose the Best Ankle Support Braces For Your Needs

Having body goals and to perform an exercise is advisable. However, we also need to ensure a safe session of activities to lessen the possibilities of injuries. Always keep in mind; wearing an ankle brace cannot guarantee a hundred percent cure for injuries. It’s still a wise decision to visit your physicians to determine what ankle brace is right for you.

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