What Kind of Car Tyre Does Your Wheels Need?

We live in a world where there are various types and kinds of everything. The same is true with your car tyre! Yes, there is a lot to know more about car tyres.

Do you know what links your vehicle and the road? It is your car tyres. Without tyres, you cannot be home safe and sound, and you cannot travel far. Besides, you’re driving behaviour will dictate what kind of tire you should use in your car because choosing the type of car tire is related to how you use your car.

Things to Look For In Your Car Tyre

  1. Car Tyre Construction

The construction of car tyres has an impact on the car’s overall performance. That is why it is essential to take a look at how tyres are constructed; whether it is built for speed, for comfort driving or for navigating over mud, snow, ice, loose sand, and rocks.

There are two essential types of tyre construction:

    • Radial

This type of tyre has the majority use for modern vehicles on their wheels. It is because of its exceptional cut resistance on the tread, superior traction, heat and water resistance, flotation, and, above all, better fuel economy.

    • Cross-ply

Are you wondering if a cross-ply do not have a role to play? No. It is exceptional in its way. It is exceptional when it comes to sidewall cut-resistance. It also has an incredible property of self-cleaning. If you’re looking for a tyre that has the level of stability and steadiness that can afford the vehicle then go for the cross-ply tyre. Perhaps, this is its most interesting advantage.

  1. Car Tyre Tread Patterns

It is not only the construction of a car tyre that can make a great impact on the car’s overall performance. Well, it is also with the tread pattern. Choosing the right tread pattern for your vehicle also helps enhance ride comfort and fuel efficiency, and reduce the noise level.

Sufficient tread is vital to keep you safe in all conditions. Choose the right tread you need for your safety.

  1. Symmetrical

This type of tread pattern follows a uniform design. Symmetry is when you split an object with a line of symmetry into two exactly similar parts. The same is true with tyres. The tread design on the left part will exactly have the same on the other side.

  1. Asymmetrical

This type of tire is the opposite of the symmetrical tread design although it is opposite to the one. The opposition of its design has a purpose: to make sure that car tyres will remain stable especially when cornering.

  1. Unidirectional

This type of tyre is especially for a vehicle that requires acceleration on the straight line. There is a unique feature on this tyre. If you put it in the wrong way it may cause serious consequences. So, make sure you make the right decision in choosing tyres for your wheels and vehicle.

Choose the Best Car Tyres in Haywards Heath

If you do not choose the right kind of tyre for your wheels and vehicle, it may cause serious consequences. Make sure to know what kind of road you will travel and what kind of driving behavior you have that will fit the car tyre you will choose. Haywards Heath Auto Centre will surely provide a lot of car services, especially in helping you choose the right type of car tyre for your wheels and vehicle.

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