Satiate that Craving with Gourmet Italian Pizza in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai

Anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness has clearly never spent their money on Pizza. Andrew W.K.


Pizza is one of the most delivered food item in the world. When you are hungry and craving something delicious then Pizza is the way to go. Even though there are many Pizza Joints, Pizzerias and Restaurants throughout the world people usually prefer to get their pizzas delivered to their home. Pizzerias earn large chunk of their profit from the delivery side of their business.


Pizza Delivery in Dubai

Like everywhere else in the world, people in Dubai love a delicious slice of Pizza. There are many amazing Pizzerias in Dubai that offer different and unique services. Each Pizzeria has its own specialty, its own unique taste and its own unique culture. Some offer deals like “buy 1 get 1 free” or “Get the pizza free if it’s not delivered in time”. If you want to enjoy a complete Italian experience then you should get your pizza delivered from Pizza Di Rocco. Pizza Di Rocco is an award winning pizzeria that offers a blend of traditional Italian flavors and some new additions as well.


How Can You Order From Pizza Di Rocco’s Branch in Dubai

Pizza Di Rocco’s Dubai branch is located on Business Bay. You can visit the branch from 11 in the morning to 12 at midnight. The branch is opened every day, seven days a week. If you don’t feel like visiting the branch you can always get the pizza delivered to you by placing an order through call or through the brand’s website.


Pizza Delivery in Al Ain

For Pizza Delivery in Al Ain, the residents of Al Ain can also enjoy traditional Italian flavored pizzas of Pizza Di Rocco. The pizzeria takes pride in being one of the most loved pizzerias in the United Arab Emirates which is why they have also decided to open a new branch in Al Ain.  The pizzeria is going to bring it unique taste and amazing quality to Al Ain. You will be able to enjoy the same flavors and customer service as that of the Dubai branch.


How Can You Order From Pizza Di Rocco’s Branch in Dubai

Responding to the high demand of Pizza Di Rocco in UAE, the pizzeria has decided to launch a new branch in Al Ain. The branch is going to be located in Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium. The timings of the branch are going to be same as that of the Dubai branch i.e. 11 am to 12 at midnight. You will be able to get the pizza delivered to you through phone call and online orders.


Pizza Di Rocco is one of the best pizzerias in Abu Dhabi and across the United Arab Emirates. They are one of the few pizzerias who try to embed traditional Italian taste in their pizza. If you are in Dubai or Al Ain and you are craving a pizza then you should definitely order from Pizza Di Rocco. Pizza Di Rocco will deliver your order hot and as fast as possible. You will not be disappointed.


An award winning traditional Italian Pizzeria in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. Our crispy, authentic, artisanal pizzas are all handmade to order using traditional techniques, and only the freshest and finest ingredients baked to perfection in our Neapolitan, hand-crafted cupola style oven. Visit:

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