Water Treatment Service in the Industrial Companies

In every industrial company, it is very common that they produce wastewater as part of their process. And they need a water treatment service to ensure that their wastewater treatment system follows the safety precautionary measure.

An industrial facility must have a wastewater treatment system to avoid harming the environment as well as human health. It is also essential if the wastewater is being reused. A water treatment service helps the company to curb heavy fines and possible legal action if they will improperly manage the discharged of their wastewater.

Water Treatment Service: How it works?

In a water treatment service, they ensure that your wastewater treatment system is functioning properly. Your system is made up of several individual technologies. And they ensure that it addresses your specific wastewater treatment needs.

When treating your wastewater, it is not always a static process. Problems may still occur. And a water treatment service needs to ensure that your wastewater treatment system is engineered to accommodate these problems to avoid a costly and untimely replacement/upgrades along the way.

Your wastewater treatment system should be able to handle the following efficiently:

    • Able to identify the process variations in contamination and flow.
    • Able to handle the variations in water chemistry needs and required chemical volumes adjustments.
    • Able to handle the possible changes in water effluent requirements.

Advantages of Having a Water Treatment Service

    • Improved Water Quality and Provides Clean and Reusable Water
    • Removal of Contaminants
    • Cost-Savings in the Long Run
    • Protect Environment
    • Keeps Disease Away
    • Strengthens Economy

What does Wastewater Treatment System remove?

Many pollutants can be found in wastewater. It is the by-products of processes or the by-products of uses that the industrial company has consumed. But these pollutants may vary depending on what it is exposed to.

  • Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)

This can deplete the oxygen needed by other aquatic organisms which can result in fish kills, algal blooms,s and other harmful changes in the environment. The water treatment service needs to ensure that BOD is removed before discharging the wastewater outside.

  • Nitrates and phosphates

If not removed, it can lead to extensive growth on weed, phytoplankton, and algae. And can also kill organisms that can potentially lead to environmental dead zones.

  • Pathogens

These are viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can lead to different health issues. Cholera, salmonellosis, hepatitis A, dysentery, and botulism are just some of the diseases that you can get from an improperly discharge wastewater. That is why an industrial company must have a water treatment service that will handle their wastewater.

  • Metals

These can cause serious and extensive damage to human health as well as in the environment. Metals can be commonly found in the wastewater because of the various industrial process. And it doesn’t break down easily resulting in accumulation that causes toxic environs.

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS)

This can also harm the aquatic organism. It can decrease the level of oxygen in the aquatic environment which can result in fish kills.

  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

It can be metals, anions, cations, minerals, or salts. This type of pollutants is most commonly found in wastewater. TDS can be harmful and cause issues to aquatic life. And it can also cause problems for irrigation, crops, and undergrounds.

  • Synthetic chemicals

Chemicals like diethylstilbestrol, PCBs, dioxin, and other pesticides can be commonly found in wastewater also. These chemicals can be transmitted to humans and the environment that can cause damage.

Water Treatment Service Specialist

Wastewater is not just only harmful to the environment but as well as to the health of the people. And every industrial company needs to ensure that its wastewater is discharged properly to avoid fines and lawsuits. As well as preventing any potential threat to the public’s health.

Here at Aventus Environmental, we made sure that we are equipped with the latest equipment and knowledge when it comes to water treatment service. And we offer water treatment packages for live developments to review quality & chemical content throughout the life of a development, assuring suitable measures are put in place for continued success.

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