H31-341 HCIP-Transmission V2.0 Dumps

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Share some HCIP-Transmission H31-341 exam questions and answers below.

The transmission plane mainly performs functions such as optical signal transmission, multiplexing, configuration protection switching and cross-connection. And to ensure the reliability of the transmitted optical signal. However, the exchange action of this layer is carried out under the influence of the management dry surface and the control plane.
Answer: A

When the signal of the standard Ethernet frame length of 64 Bytes is connected to the Ethernet board, if the QinQ function is enabled, how many bytes is the actual frame length of the signal inside the board?
A. 64
B. 84
C. 68
D. 80
Answer: C

Which of the following data is the data that needs to be collected and saved in the event of a failure? (Multiple Choice)
A. Equipment alarms and performance events
B. Running status data of the NE and the board
C. Operation log of the network management
D. Configuration data of NEs and boards
Answer: ABCD

Which of the following descriptions are correct about the ASON software structure? (Multiple Choice)
A. Intelligent optical network consists of three planes
B. The management plane mainly refers to upper management such as network management.
C. Intelligent software mainly apply for management plane
D. The transmission plane refers to the traditional transmission network.
Answer: ABD

Which of the following are limitations of the alarm and performance analysis methods? (Multiple Choice)
A. Field maintenance personnel cannot understand the current operation status of the equipment.
B. The network administrator cannot obtain the alarms, the alarm occurrence time, and the historical alarms of the device.
C. When some faults occur, there may be no obvious alarms or performance events reported, and sometimes no alarms or performance events are found.
D. In the case of complex networking, service, and fault information, a large number of alarms and performance events may occur along with the occurrence of faults. Due to too many reports and performance events, maintenance personnel are unable to analyze.
Answer: CD

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