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Follow these morning tips to start your day on a good note

We often begin our day in a chaotic way, rather than focusing on the productive stuff for a better outcome. Many of us wake up after multiples snoozes, rushing through morning ablutions and skip the breakfast to reach office on time.

However, we don’t often realize the negative impact of this incompetent routine. Here’s how to set your routine right to start your day on a positive note:

  1. Avoid using cell phone: Using cell phone in the morning is a bad idea. It affects our mood, mental stability and approach, suggest health practitioners at AMRI Hospitals, Kolkata. So, avoid screen time in the morning for the right beginning.


  1. Get up with the first ring: We often fail to adhere to the alarm we set in the evening. We snooze it multiple times before finally waking up late. It wastes our crucial morning time and makes us lazy. So, get up on the first ring.


  1. Exercise regularly: Exercise is one of the most important and healthiest things to do in the morning. Head to the gym or take a brief morning walk to help your body relax before the hectic schedule ahead.


  1. Eat a healthy breakfast: There is nothing as good as a morning breakfast, which consists of a healthy mix of vitamins, minerals and proteins. So, don’t skip your breakfast, as it gives you the right strength to face the upcoming challenges throughout the day.


  1. A positive practice: Reading a book or listening to some motivational quotes can increase your enthusiasm and boost your confidence to set the tone for a good day ahead. Positive emotions and optimistic thoughts are important in life to relax the body and mind.


According to the medical practitioners at AMRI Hospitals, a negative body language or a negative thought process is never good for an individual’s health. It is all about getting up with confidence and carrying a positive mind and body throughout the day for better results.



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