What type of company should you incorporate in Singapore?

Singapore is a fertile ground for doing business. Whether it is a local or foreign entity, you have made the right decision to bring your business here. Such is a reason to smile, but you should hold it back until you are fully legalized to operate your company. Of course, you can decide to go it all alone, but there are many pitfalls that you have to be aware of.

You no longer have to sweat, run up and down trying to register your business in Singapore. At Tianlong Services Pte Ltd we can do everything for you. From the initial stage of name search to the last step of getting your incorporation and license to operate, we hold your hand every bit of the journey.

Our track record in business registration in Singapore is impressive. In fact, we top the charts of solution for those who want a flawless process of company incorporation. Besides, we also do consultations, accounting, bookkeeping, and a range of other consultation services.

From us, we deliver your registered business and go ahead to help you keep all your financial books clean. We want to see you succeed, and that is why we put our entire workforce, technology, and time to give your business all it needs.

How long does it take to incorporate a company in Singapore? 

Registering a business in Singapore can take one day. This is when all your papers, processes-compliance, and all requirements are in place. To nail it in under a day, you need experts doing the background work for you. We are very good at this, and we can deliver your sealed business certification in 24 hours.

However, it is not always this fast to get your business incorporated in Singapore. In some instances, it can take you two weeks to two months. This duration comes in play when your registration gets a referral to another agency. You should know that it is not 100% that your business gets approval. Nevertheless, you still have a 30-day grace period to appeal to the minister.

For whatever length it takes to register your company, Tianlong Services Pte Ltd will be by your side all the time. We will deliver your business with all legal documents ready for a grand opening.

The business registration process in Singapore 

Before the registration process, you need a name for the business. It has to be run through all records of company registrar to make sure no other business shares the same name. When the name is approved, the incorporation process begins.

It starts with an analysis of the incorporation application and documents. It can take a few hours. It scrutinizes all documentation to make sure everything is in order. It proceeds to opening a corporate bank account for the business, application for licenses, registration for taxes, and fiscal filing requirements.

It is a process requiring attention for details, patience, and expertise. We take the burden from your shoulders and make it ours.

What type of company should you register? 

What kind of company can you register in Singapore? You can incorporate a private limited company. It requires between one to fifty shareholders. As of 2017 fiscal year, over 60% of companies in Singapore were incorporated as private limited companies.

Another type you can register is a public limited company by shares. It takes more than fifty shareholders. These companies have extensive compliance needs and are heavily regulated by the state. It is quite a task to run and maintain them.

Finally, you can register a public company limited by guarantee. These are non-profit organizations such as charities. Their interest is into matters touching on governance, social, and economic welfare of the public. These companies are also strictly regulated by law to make sure they do not go out of their line interest.

We understand Singapore’s company registration laws and regulations.

Save yourself the headaches and sleepless nights as you try to register your company in Singapore. Leave all the work to Tianlong Services Pte Ltd. We work fast and within your budget to get you what you want. We are a choice that you won’t regret. Let us know the kind of business you want to incorporate, and we will do everything else. Contact us today at +6561001026 or WhatsApp us at +6596170371.

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What type of business should you incorporate in Singapore? Tianlong Services will help you to register your business. For more information visit:

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