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Impact Computers and Electronics Supports Right to Repair

Impact Computers support Right to Repair bills to be legalized into law. Their service matches perfectly with this law, which can become an important part of its implementation.

Impact Computers, a store where gadget owners can buy several types of parts to replace component for their gadget, to support the Right to Repair proposal for an electronic device to be signed into law. This law has been implemented for other aspects, such as the auto industry. Thus, people can access more affordable repair service for their car.


Right to Repair is a solution for problems that industry faces today, which is monopolizing of repair service by gadget manufacturer. The Gadget owner tends to buy a new product when their gadget is damaged or broken, rather than repair it. The main reason is they can’t afford the expensive repair price. Moreover, the repair cost is almost similar to the price of a new product.


Right to Repair tries to change that situation. With this law, the gadget manufacturer won’t be able to monopolize the repairing process. The private repair service can access the information, software, and spare parts needed to repair the gadget, such as computer parts, scanner, and other gadgets. This will help to reduce the amount of electronic garbage and save the environment.


Impact Computers take part in this movement which is similar to one of their principles in running their business. One of their programs, the hardware recycling program, has a goal to reduce the harmful waste from these electronics that can be harmful to the environment. Right to Repair main goal is similar to this principle, so it’s not surprising if this company supports this law.


Impact Computers offers a wide option of the gadget and computer parts that can be bought freely. The computer and gadget owner can get any desktop parts they need to replace, repair or upgrade their gadget. Moreover, this store also offers products from many kinds of brands. This helps the customer to choose and find the correct part that is suitable for their gadget.


Plus, if Right to Repair officially becomes a law, this company’s service will become one of the most useful services for the gadget owner or repair service shop. Whenever they need parts, such as scanner parts, computer parts or other, Impact Computers can provide what they need.


About Impact Computers

Impact Computers is a company that provides all kinds of spare parts for computer and its accessories. This company is well-known for its complete line of parts for many brands. With an environmentally friendly concept, they have a goal to create a better environment with this service.


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