Robinson Aguado Biography: Success Story of Keter Group Founder and CEO

In this success story, we are going to share Robison Aguado biography, an American entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer, the creator of online store He is also the founder of Keter Group , a company that aims to make Living affordable through innovating Construction by maximizing living space at the comfort of  luxury . Aguado always has his customers in mind, no matter what he is working on. His number one priority is making it as available and easily accessible as possible. A hyper-intelligent, ultra-driven individual, Aguado’s a dual-personality can turn him from a compassionate person to a rough executive within seconds. An extraordinarily ambitious person, Robinson Aguado to this day seeks to push the possibilities of modern Living beyond the imaginable.


Early Life

Robinson Aguado (pronounced name RAH-bin-SUN AH-gwah-doh) was born on February 03, 1993, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His biological father, Robinson Aguado SR, was one of Indiantown’s top retail stores. Who is a first generations immigrant who came to USA with the mentality of living up the American dream. Which consist of Knowledge And Hard Work, which eventually lead to His inspiration of Working and achieving all that he accomplished From the age of 17 Robinson Aguado JR started his own Electronics Wholesale company which opened up new opportunities to expand and along side with his family to grow and expand the ventures to get involved in Real Estate.



Robinson Aguado attended JP Taravella located in Coral Springs a small town West of Fort Lauderdale. He would spend summers in London where he Spent time with his Grandma who taught him how to have Respectful and have etiquette. Which helped network and open up new doors to build Keter Group. Aguado started his first business at the age of 17 It was called Cargo Express Of America, and it was a Wholesale Company that was involved of the resell to people from foreign countries who had trouble buying trusted items that they can take back home. Overtime he saved up and opened up a restaurant. Which lead him to pursuing Real Estate since he learned all the ins and outs on how to sub contract and hire. All his education came from his ups and downs in life and he would learn to stay positive and continue his dream. The family was a huge help in everything he was doing. They supported him and also had there own companies they were building until the eventually all lead to helping his grand company who is now owned by his family.


The Keter Group Foundation (KG Foundation), previously the EL Shaddai Foundation, is a private foundation founded by Robinson and His Family. Based in Fort Lauderdale Florida it was launched in 2012 and is reported to be the foundation in helping multiple 3rd world countries, hosting small panics for Orphans Widows and foreigners and The primary aims of the foundation are, globally, to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, and, in the U.S., to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology. Its all backed up by a trustee controlled by the foundation: Robinson and Family. The scale of the foundation and the way it seeks to apply business techniques to giving makes it one of the leaders in the local Market though the foundation itself notes that the philanthropic role has limitations. Since its founding, the foundation has endowed and supported a broad range of social, health, and education developments including the establishment of other Local Business’s.


Robinson Aguado CEO and Founder of Keter Group.

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