Popular uPVC Window Styles For Your Kitchen

The different types of uPVC windows installed in your house not only have a great impact on its beauty but also makes a difference to the practicality and value of your property. The uPVC windows are durable, energy-efficient and require little maintenance to last for several years.

Choosing the right type of uPVC windows for your home is just the beginning, as you also have to decide what frame colors and glass type are perfect for your building. In this short guide, you’ll be able to understand what different choices are offered by uPVC window suppliers. Here is a list of different types of uPVC windows to spruce up any urban home:


  • Fixed Double Glazed Windows


The fixed double glazed uPVC windows and doors are perfect for houses that are already well ventilated and only require some natural light to come inside. These fixed windows only bring in the daylight into your house and don’t help you with any ventilation.



  • Sliding uPVC Double Glazing Windows


The sliding uPVC windows work just like the sliding patio doors. They are able to move only from side to side while sitting behind another pane. This window type is ideal for small rooms with limited space. Only one side of this window can be opened at one time, so it doesn’t allow the same airflow as casement windows.


  • Casement uPVC Windows


With two windows on opposite sides of a window frame, Casement windows open outwards like a casement door. This window option is a great alternative to sash windows that are not easy to open and reach.


  • Awning uPVC Windows


The uPVC window suppliers offering awning windows say that these double glazed windows are amazing for letting the daylight in. These windows also work great in apartments with limited space, as these are meant to be opened from the bottom.


  • Sash or Single/Double Hung Windows


The single/double-hung windows are able to slide up and down. Only one pane slides in a single hung window while both panes slide in the double-hung window. Their vertical sliding panel is called the sash and hence, termed as sash windows as well.


  • Bay Window


Bay uPVC windows are a popular choice for houses with an alcove in the main room. The bay windows have three faces – one is wide and the other two are short sides. On the other hand, the bow windows are curvy with five facet design.


  • Tilt and Turn uPVC Window


The tilt and turn uPVC windows are the best options for someone who needs easy to clean windows in their house. Their rotating style works great on the central pivot and is able to rotate to either side. These windows have specialized hinges in their frames for opening them inwards just like a normal window. However, their mechanism tilts the window backward, right into a room. It is also good for safety reasons.

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