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Techxonia Introduces ICE – In Case of Emergency App Helps People in Emergency Conditions

It is very important to bring medical and personal information anytime and anywhere. ICE – In Case of Emergency makes it simple and easy to use, especially for emergency conditions.

Techxonia Inc is coming with its new app known as ICE – In Case of Emergency. The developer introduces ICE emergency app due to the difficulty to handle a person, especially in emergency cases. The doctor has to know his or her medical history right away to give the best medical treatment.


This app works with the role of a medical contact card. The medical contact card app is the place where the users can store emergency contact details and any kind of information that might help to save them in an emergency case. The responders can check any kind of health details such as emergency contacts so they can call the right person to save the users of the app. Moreover, the doctors can also check the latest health information through this app such as the blood level, heart rate, and many more to get the best first aid.


ICE app is supported by a dashboard where users can fill up the most important health information such as allergies, medicine, diseases, and blood type. The users also have to fill personal information such as their name, address, phone, and photo verification. Later, people or doctor can open the information in case the users face an emergency situation.


Techxonia Inc develops this Ice Emergency app to reach some goals. For instance, this app is useful in a variety of emergency conditions such as accidents and any kind of emergency cases. Besides let the experts know the latest health condition of the users, they can also call the family or friends to let them know the condition of the users of this app.  The developer knows that everything has to be done fast so ICE is designed with user-friendly features, including a call button. The near responders only have to click on the floating icon or notification to get the complete information.


This medical emergency help app consists of some important details. First,

  • The app saves personal and medical information.
  • There is also detail about insurance plan if there is any.
  • The app also saves close circle family or friends contacts to call in an emergency.
  • The users can also record their voice for 30 seconds to say something important and let the other know it.


To keep all the details, the medical ID ICE app also provides a backup and restore the system. This system will back up and restore information to the local drive and Google drive automatically. If there is something wrong with the app, users can get medical ID information back from the system.


About ICE – In Case of Emergency: 

ICE – In Case of Emergency is an app developed by Techxonia Inc. This app helps a responder to help the users of the app in an emergency condition such as in an accident. It is useful to record personal and medical information so the users can bring it anytime and anywhere they go.


For more information, download the app here:

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