The Stages of Film Production that you should Definitely Know

Film production deals with what happens behind the sets to make the visual experience what it is. There are 5 predominant phases in film production known as development, pre-production, post-production(it is in 2 stages), and distribution. Each stage fulfils a different purpose with the purpose of reaching the next stage in the most efficient way possible. Each stage has a different length and process and has a different role in the production of the movie. It is no guarantee that your project will even get past the development and pre-production. Spacepepper is a great film production house in Delhi.

If you are going to be in the industry you’ll have to be adept in at least a few of these processes to get the maximum out of the project. Below is a brief synopsis of what is expected of what stage just to give you an introduction.

1. Film Production – Development

This is the stage where the idea is born. It is where the creation, writing, organizing and planning of the project takes place. During this stage a limited budget is set, the key cast are attached, key creatives are chosen, locations are scouted for the project and multiple scripts are drafted. In this stage, all the groundwork is set so as to get an estimate of the budget that they are going to need and what will the final cost.

2. Film Production – Pre-Production

In this part of the film, production scripts are edited, budgets are adjusted, locations are scouted, the crew is set. Shooting schedules are made concrete and binding, sets built and designed, costumes are fitted and everything regarding the shoot is set in stone to be tried and tested. This stage can last for many months from the initial drawing board. As the date comes closer, the crew is employed so that the next stage goes smoothly.

3. Film Production- Production

This where the pedal hits the mettle. The writer, director, producer and everyone with a creative bent of mind finally see their ideas manifest into this world. Each idea is captured in film one moment at a time. Production has the highest budget allotted to it. It is busiest and one of the most crucial times in the whole process as this what decide the final outcome.

4. Film Production – Post-Production

So after setting up your idea, writing the script, hiring the crew and actors, and recording it all, we suppose you have some footage in the aftermath that you can use. This is where post-production comes. It is part of the process where all the footage is edited, all the transitions and visual effects are added and fine-tuned for your viewing pleasure. Sound is also mixed here and the soundtrack is added. The production crew has done a lot of hard work now the post-production crew will take over for a bit.

5. Distribution

Without a good and cohesive distribution strategy, the previous stages can be somewhat useless. This is the final and somewhat the most important and final stage of your movie. This process ranges from cinema distribution to selling TV rights.

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