How to Track a Container on its Journey?


The journey of a container takes it through different places and it would be great if you had the right container tracking device to keep tabs on where it is. Marketers will present you with different tracking systems and try to convince you that they are the best but how can you know for sure?


Well, the right container tracking device is capable of giving you feedback about the conditioner of the goods in the container, no matter which airport, cargo yard or parking lot it may be in. Containers being transported will travel by sea, road, air or even rail. So how do you choose the right one? Here are the options.

A Container on Land

Land involves road and rail. The main challenge here is that the trailers are hired and therefore a tracking device on them would not be effective. The tracking needs to be placed on the goods themselves so that you know exactly where your goods are even if they are removed from the container. There is also need to know if the container locks have been tampered with. Installing sensors for this would be a good decision and you can contact the best GPS manufacturers to assist you.

The tracking system also needs to provide visual feedback for you to be able to see the cargo. Just knowing where valuable cargo is may not be enough.

The tracking system will be useless if it does not have connectivity. The tracker needs to be able to send a signal no matter where it may be.

A Container at the Yard

Containers at a port or yard are at greatest risk of being stolen or vandalized than at any point of their journey. Theft is also not the only concern, in the yard, there are several other containers, so finding yours may not be so easy.

This makes it important that the kind of tracking system employed at this point is one that can provide an exact location of a container so that it is easy to identify. You need to be able to know which yard it is in and which level, this will save time as well as protection from theft.

Containers at Sea

If you are worried about theft of a container at sea, the chances are minimal in this case except for waters that may be crawling with pirates. For most containers on transit by sea, the main issue is the condition of the cargo — it could be damaged or can go bad.

The tracking device used in this case needs to be able to effectively send feedback data about temperature, humidity, movement, impact as well as pressure. The device would need to be able to send a live feed to you so that you know what is going on with the goods.

Knowing the location of the goods is still important but not because of theft. In this case, the location of the goods makes it easier to estimate what condition the goods will arrive in. If for example, the temperature is high, you would want to know where the goods are so that you estimate how long before they get to land.

The choice you make when choosing a cargo tracker should be determined by the goods you will be transporting and the different stages of a container’s journey that it will go through.

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