Is Bharat Movie Kindling The Real Love Life Between Salman And Katrina?


This article content is about Salman and Katrina’s latest movie Bharat and real-life relationship. It gives information about both the star’s on-screen chemistry.

Is Bharat Movie Kindling The Real Love Life Between Salman And Katrina?

All the Sallu Bhai fans are waiting anxiously for the Bharat movie to hit the screens. The best part of the gossip is the on-screen chemistry between Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. This Ali Abbas Zafar’s film is about to set fire among the new budding lovers with its old-school form of the love story. There is no doubt that these days Salman-Katrina is the most romantic and popular Jodis on the big screen.

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Katrina was not the first choice as the cast of the female part. Priyanka Chopra was actually preferred as the female lead for the movie. But after she turned down the project, Katrina found the role. But she clearly stated that her friendship with Salman or Ali was not the reason for her to sign the movie deal.

Katrina Kaif stated that she is a really good friend with both Salman and Ali, but Bharat was a professional decision and was not influenced by emotional or related aspects. She also said that friendship has nothing to do with signing a movie. She is always honest and sincere with her works. The moment she gets to work she becomes absolutely professional. She spent hours reading the full script of Salman Khan movie Bharat before calling Ali and telling him that the script was good. Even when she signed, Salman did not call her. And they both only met on the set. It was entirely because she loved the character and the plotline that she signed it.

Katrina Kaif starrer Bharat is the sixth movie with Salman Khan. And she credited that their off-screen friendship is the reason for the success of their on-screen roles. And it is all because they both have a certain amount of comfort level with each other that helps them to act well and in a free manner.

Bharat is the remake of the Korean drama named An Ode To My Father. It portrays the story of India through the tale of an ordinary man. Two more movie casts Disha Patani and Jackie Shroff played interesting characters in this movie.

Recently, the actress has been seen to have come to a little comfort one while discussing matters related to her personal life. Earlier she used to be very hesitant. But nowadays she is quite candid.

Up until now, the Jodi has given four hit movies together. The most interesting part of these movies that both critics and fans noticed is the immense amount of on-screen chemistry. The roles they played were superbly done and expressed. And this is one of the major reasons why their movies were so successful.

Because of this sweet and electric chemistry that they both share on-screen, people are actually thinking if they are real-life partners. Even many strongly believe that Salman and Katrina are secretly in love and they do not want to disclose anything publicly for now. Well, this could be true or not. For now, we all can just wait to get some real evidence about their relationship.

As far as the buzz is concerned, the movie Bharat has already mesmerized the viewers with a beautiful and charming love story and a solid plotline along with some romantic scores. Even the trailer is something to make fans fall for the stars. Released on Eid, 5th June, Bharat has already crossed 200 crores marks. It is also the highest Bollywood opening in 2019.

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