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Apple Cider Vinegar for Hairs

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is made by crushing and squeezing the apples into liquids. Sugar and yeast are mixed to the liquid, and then the fermentation process starts, which converts sugar in alcohol then the alcohol is converted by acetic acid-forming bacteria into vinegar. Till now we know many things about Apple cider vinegar, one more use of Apple cider vinegar is, is for hairs. It helps in improving scalp health, strengthen hair, and supplement shine

The study has found that Apple cider vinegar works well for hairs. Also, when it comes to itchy scalp or hair fall, it proves to be an excellent natural remedy.


The simple recipe can be used once or twice weekly. While some use it as a conditioner.

• Take 2 tbsp raw, organic Apple cider vinegar and 1 cup water.

• Mix them well in cup or bowl.

• Once you are over with your shampoo and conditioner, cover your hair with Apple cider vinegar.

• Then after a few minutes, rinse it off thoroughly.


You might be thinking why to use Apple cider vinegar only when there are other remedies also, so here are answers to all your queries.


As you know that Apple cider vinegar is a highly acidic substance so it works well on hair that looks dull and brittle because the pH is higher, and acidic substance like Apple cider vinegar can help by lowering the pH and brings hair back into balance.


It’s a famous home disinfectant. It prevents bacteria and fungi, which can cause hair and scalp problems, like minor infections and itchiness.


Apple cider vinegar is rich in vitamins C & B, which are very good for hairs. It also contains alpha hydroxy acid which exfoliates scalp skin. Also, it is anti-inflammatory, so it prevents dandruff.


Following are the benefits of using Apple cider vinegar:

1. Many hair products disrupt the hair pH, but as Apple cider vinegar naturally has the same pH as of hairs, it balances the Ph of hairs.

2. It removes viscous residue from hair product build-up and help in rekindle hair with its cleansing and clarifying features.

3. Make hair shiny. Apple cider vinegar closes the hair cuticle, which allows it to make hair shiny.

4. Prevents frizziness.

5. Controls itchy scalp and dandruff.

6. Reduces split ends.

7. Leads to the growth of hair. As it treats clogged hair follicles and help in better circulation, which in turn stimulate hair growth and stops hair fall.

8. It can act as a good hair conditioner to detangle the hair.


1. Although it has a bad smell, don’t worry about that because once you apply it in your hair and once it’s dry, your hairs will longer smell like vinegar.

2. You can use a squeeze bottle to apply Apple cider vinegar more evenly, rather than a cup or a bowl.

3. Instead of using hair conditioner you can try Apple cider vinegar as your conditioner, it will make your hair smoother and shinier.

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